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Logistex robotic palletising

Robot Palletising in the Manufacturing Industry

Robot Palletising in the Manufacturing Industry The UK manufacturing industry is sometimes considered as a declining industry. However, the UK is currently the 9th largest manufacturing nation on the globe. It employs over 2.5 million people and has an annual output of almost £200 billion. Robot palletising is one of many solutions that can support […]
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Robotic Pick & Place Food Industry

LAC Conveyors & Automation becomes an ABB Value Provider

LAC Conveyors & Automation becomes an ABB Value Provider Who are ABB? ABB are a major global technology specialist, striving to transform societies and industries alike for a more productive, dynamic, and sustainable future. With a history stretching back more than 130 years, the ABB have always strived for greatness. Headquarters based in Zurich, Switzerland, […]
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Stacker tote

Stacking and de-stacking systems as part of your conveyor solution

Stacking systems as part of your conveyor solution What is stacking? It is the action of arranging a number of items in a neat pile, usually to utilize storage space. Subsequently, de-stacking is the reverse action, of moving items from an organised pile. Both of these actions are used widely across the logistics and warehousing […]
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Parcel Delivery Service

Leading Multinational E-Commerce Business Invests in Robust Conveyor Solution

Leading Multinational E-Commerce Business Invests in Robust Conveyor Solution LAC provides a leading worldwide online retailer with a modular, scalable & robust conveyor solution to satisfy increased parcel handling throughput requirements. The world-renowned company have invested in a new conveyor solution from LAC. The business boasts a network of over 800 delivery service partners with […]
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Parcel courier

World Leading Logistics Company Handles More Parcels Than Ever Before

A Parcel Handling Obstacle A packing sortation conveyor system from LAC provides a global leader in the logistics industry with all the automation they need to meet their parcel handling challenge. A global leader in the logistics industry, specialising in international shipping, courier services and transportation has invested in a new packing sortation conveyor system […]
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Grocery Distributor Increases Case Picking Speed By 300% Through Robotic Automation Solution

Allen Distribution, a third-party logistics company focused on grocery distribution, installed their first robotic warehouse automation solution provided by Prime Robotics. Founded in 1998, Allen Distribution offers warehouse and distribution services including food-grade warehousing, transportation services including asset-based equipment and company drivers. From their eight warehouse locations, the company serves groceries to clients of all […]
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Robotic Ecommerce solution increases productivity by over 560%

LOGILEC, the logistics branch for E.Leclerc, was created in 1996 by the Mouvement E. Leclerc with the aim of controlling and organizing its supply chain. Fast forward to 2018 and outgrowing their existing warehouse, LOGILEC approached Exotec to find out more about a robotic Ecommerce Solution. The Brief LOGILEC struggled for space to expand in their […]
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Wide Belt Conveyor Solves Manual Handling Problem

Plastic Omnium recruited the expertise of LAC Conveyors & Automation to design, build, test, and install a wide belt conveyor system solution to solve their manual handling of moulds problem. Plastic Omnium is a global company whilst remaining an independent family-owned business, who are committed to delivering first-class products in the fast-moving and ever-changing automotive […]
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Delivery Specialist Increases Returns Capacity By 50% at National Distribution Hub

Hermes and LAC Conveyors & Automation have had a successful partnership over the last few years, giving Hermes assurance that LAC could deliver on a state-of-the-art return automation conveyor system. Hermes’ investment in LAC’s return automation conveyor system has already processed more than 6 million parcels in just a few months, thanks to the system’s […]
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