Skypod Shuttle System

The Perfect Order Picking System

The Skypod Shuttle System by Exotec is a retail order picking solution. It offers the best performance on the market while remaining flexible and adaptable to the customer’s needs. What makes it special? The system sizing takes into account storage requirements and flows independently. This allows extreme adaptability to your specifications and allows subsequent phasing as needs evolve.

Racks adapt to the architecture of your warehouse to allow optimisation of the full volume available. The sizing is based on both floor space and ceiling height, with robots designed to climb on the racks, storage space can be maximised and rise to 12 metres high. Density is thus increased compared to traditional shelf picking.

The storage system is designed to adapt quickly and easily to your needs and business growth. If in a few months you need to increase your storage capacity, this can be done promptly without interrupting your operations.

The Exotec Skypod’s function as a fleet supporting the operators to prepare your orders faster. The robots are constantly assigned tasks and are programmed to prioritise the most urgent task. Robots work together but are not dependent on each other to allow maximum system availability. In addition, with ASTAR, our supervision centre can monitor remotely and in real time the system performance in your facility. We can respond proactively and immediately to any anomaly reported by the fleet of robots.

ASTAR is the conductor of the Skypod Shuttle System. Its mission? Prepare orders as quickly as possible with a minimum of resources and by synchronising all the robots to optimise performances. ASTAR manages task planning and tracks and records the positions of bins and robots in real time. Without batches or waves the most urgent orders can be prioritised in real time.

  • Autonomous and Intelligent (environment recognition, loading autonomy, real-time control)
  • Operates in 3 dimensions.
  • Work 24/7 (Charging is carried out in the picking station, which avoids electrification of the storage racks)
  • 80% Lower energy footprint in comparison to traditional automated solutions.
  • Skypod runs at 4m/s
  • Skypod can carry loads up to 30kg
  • Operates in temperature-controlled environments (down to 0 degrees C)
  • Adaption to flow increase – the advantage of the Skypod system is to be able to adapt to flow variations. As storage needs and flows are independent if flows increase just add new robots to the system.
  • Bins are available in two heights, 220 and 320mm
  • Bin can be partitioned in 2/3/4/6/8
  • For automated goods receiving a tray has been developed that can be adapted to the Skypod, suitable for cartons up to 600 x 400 x 400 mm.

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