Robotic Pick and Place

Pick and Place Robot

Our robotic pick and place capabilities are spread across a vast array of business sectors and are designed to work in line with our customers’ specific needs. With a variety of design options available, our pick and place robots can be configured using various end-of-arm tooling options for use in different applications, such as multiple tool changes, assembly, packing or bin picking.

LAC Logistic Automation’s robotic pick and place systems range from the design and manufacture of the most commonly used 5-axis robotic arm approach for simplistic single plane transfer to the introduction of 6-axis robots that can be further enhanced using gantry or linear tracks for larger pick and place applications typically used within our automotive and manufacturing market sectors.

The introduction of the collaborative pick and place robot world is ever expanding and strengthening further LAC’s ability in providing the full turnkey solution. This collaborative approach works hand in hand with our AMR, and Exotec solutions providing safe transportable automated picking. 3D vision and vacuum pick end of arm tooling offers an innovative approach to bin part picking.

Our high-speed robotic pick and place systems showcase the use of SCARA and Delta robots typically utilising multiple robots working in sync to complete high-speed packaging objectives with precision accuracy. The inclusion of vision systems further enhances the system in identifying the orientation and position of parts along a conveyor section allowing the robot to pick and place in the correct configuration.

  • Systems configured using a variety of mainstream robot manufacturers, including ABB, Fanuc, Kawasaki, KUKA and Staubli.
  • Enhanced system capability utilising vision technology
  • Bespoke robot gripper solutions designed for different applications
  • Integration with LAC standard solutions including AMR, Exotec, standalone cells

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