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Roller conveyor system in a warehouse

How a Gravity Roller Conveyor Provided Delicate Handling Of High-End Products

Why the gravity roller conveyor? Logovisual, who is a well-renowned manufacturer and supplier of visual thinking and planning systems, turned to L-A-C to help them integrate new materials handling roller conveyor systems into one of their existing manufacturing processes. The goal was to supply, deliver, install, and commission a gravity roller conveyor system with lift-up […]
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Conveyor parcel handling

Choosing the right conveyor to fit your warehouse system

The UK logistics and warehouse industries are more crowded than ever. For customers, it can be difficult to decide upon the best suited system to meet their warehouse needs. Conveyor systems offer a range of benefits for a variety of required parcel handling, sortation, storage, and palletising solutions. At LAC Conveyors & Automation, we provide […]
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ASRS Solutions

What are the Benefits of Installing an ASRS?

What Does ASRS Mean? Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) is a high–quality and productive logistics solution, consisting of a range of computer-lead systems. Furthermore, these systems, once programmed correctly, can automatically place, and retrieve loads from pre-determined storage locations. Typically, ASRS solutions are used and installed in situations where: There may be storage issues, […]
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autonomous robotics rendered

What are the Benefits of Autonomous Robots?

An autonomous robot can make decisions by itself, without explicit human interaction. In other words, AMR (or Autonomous Manoeuvrable Robots), can be what they are more commonly referred to as.  In warehousing and supply chain environments, installing AMR solutions is the latest trend. As a result, the demand for these solutions has risen and continues […]
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Understanding Robotic Warehouse Automation with Prime Robotics

Warehouse automation and robotics solutions are transforming industries and becoming the in-demand option for businesses looking to drive efficiency and accuracy through their operations. We will dive into the benefits of robotic warehouse automation, plus look into the innovative products by Prime Robotics that are now available in Europe for the first time! What is […]
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Gate conveyors in warehouse

What are Gate Access Conveyors

Here at LAC Logistics Automation, our gate conveyors come in a full range of retracting stainless-steel materials for the food and beverage industry. What is a Gate Conveyor? By using a gate conveyor, staff will be able to rapidly gain access to machinery which would otherwise be blocked by traditional conveyors. The benefits of this […]
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Part of lightweight aluminium frame belt conveyor supplied by LAC Logistics Automation.

L-A-C supplies lightweight aluminium frame belt conveyor

The customer is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of advanced materials and technology and turned to L-A-C Conveyors & Automation to see if they could provide a frame belt conveyor solution for a difficult material handling problem. Brief To design a sandwich belt conveyor system that could receive a part that could […]
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L-A-C Design and Build Bespoke Indexed Chain Conveyor

Chain Conveyor Requirement L-A-C Conveyors & Automation supply a vast range of standard conveyor types but also have a reputation for providing bespoke solutions as well. In this case, L-A-C were tasked with designing and building a bespoke indexed chain conveyor for a company that provides solutions to suit a wide range of construction and […]
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Powered roller conveyor manufactured and supplied by LAC Logistics Automation to a leading aircraft manufacturer.

Powered Roller Conveyor System for Aircraft Turbine Blade

LAC Logistics Automation was recommended to supply a powered roller conveyor processing system for a leading aircraft manufacturer’s testing, checking, and coating process of aircraft engine turbine blades. Why a Powered Roller Conveyor? The customer needed a method of transporting the turbine blades through part of their checking and coating systems. LAC was able to help […]
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Pallet Magazines for Stacking and Destacking

Speed up the palletising process L-A-C Conveyors & Automation produce a range of pallet magazines that can both stack and destack a wide range of pallet sizes to speed up the palletising process. The magazines can be used across multiple industries from food and beverage through to major industrial applications. Pallet destackers help to increase […]
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