Sortation Systems

Fast, accurate and cost-effective item-picking for eCommerce orders is a reality with L-A-C Logistics Automation conveyor, robotic and control expertise. Sortation systems are required at various points in intralogistics, such as in the goods receiving, picking and shipping areas utilising our horizontal and vertical cross belt sorters, with systems further enhanced with our storage and sequencing capabilities via mobile robots or shuttle sortation systems. We can also interface with both manual and automated storage systems depending on what makes sense for your business.

In taking a strategic approach to our customers requirements in firstly focussing on the product or products to be sorted and secondly around the sortation process L-A-C Logistics Automation ensures the final solution is flexible, efficient and economical, applying the correct method of engineering to  provide a system that is scalable and reliable to fit your business needs. Supporting technologies include vision systems, sensors, scanners, sort rails, mounting hardware, material handling equipment, conveyors, chutes and robotic picking.

L-A-C Logistics Automation offer a complete range of equipment for all sortation items. Paying special attention to the tremendous surge in the volume of varying product such as packets, parcels and cartons within the postal/express markets, handled by retailers and logistics companies. Our strengths lie in our ability to provide the full turnkey solution utilising in-house design, manufacture, and project management to working alongside 3rd parties as a system integrator, integrating & interfacing 3rd party equipment within our projects. Have a look at our key operational workflows

  • Flexible, Scalable conveyor solutions
  • Fast ROI – Minimise manual labour
  • Increased speed and accuracy
  • Versatile systems designed to handle varying product
  • System Control – Integration into WMS
  • Vertical – Horizontal cross belt Sortation Systems
  • Enhanced robotic capabilities
  • Easy Implementation utilising phased roll out
  • Sortation systems into cages bins totes

Great Technology
Our customers benefit from our proven technologies and extensive ever evolving product portfolio, enhanced using our innovative software solutions, ensures we deliver a robust, future-proof system.
Tailored Solutions
Our solutions are tailored to your business’s specific needs. Utilising our long-standing wealth of knowledge and market intelligence ensures the final solution works in sync with your production requirements.
Professionally Delivered Projects
Our multi-skilled, professional and experienced engineering team will clearly identify your business requirements, define the right solution for you and deliver an industry leading, high-performing solution.
Service & Aftercare
You are in safe hands. Our services do not stop following project realisation. We offer various levels of after care and maintenance packages to preserve the value of your system.