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Conveyors in warehouse

How Conveyors Have Revolutionised E-commerce

The e-commerce revolution has reshaped the way we shop and do business. With the click of a button, consumers can now purchase products from around the world and have them delivered to their doorstep in a matter of days. Behind this seamless online shopping experience lies a crucial and often overlooked component: The modern conveyor. […]
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Conveyors in a warehouse, manufactured by LAC Logistics Automation.

Elevating Efficiency with Conveyors: Your Partner for Professionally Delivered Projects

In the dynamic world of material handling, efficiency is the name of the game. Whether you oversee a bustling warehouse, a precision-focused manufacturing facility, or a sprawling distribution centre, having the right solutions in place can make all the difference.  At LAC Logistics Automation, we’re acutely aware of the pivotal role that conveyors play in […]
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Belt conveyors transporting boxes in a warehouse

Maximising Efficiency with Belt Conveyors: Innovation at its Best

In the ever-evolving landscape of material handling, efficiency stands as the cornerstone of success. Whether you’re overseeing a bustling distribution centre, a precision-driven manufacturing facility, or a sprawling warehouse, the solutions you employ play a pivotal role in determining your productivity and overall achievements. It’s in this context that the unassuming yet remarkable technology of […]
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Conveyor systems used in the food industry.

Key Considerations when Designing Food Industry Conveyor Systems

In the fast-paced world of food production, efficiency, safety, and quality are paramount. Food industry conveyor systems play a pivotal role in achieving these goals by enabling seamless logistics automation. Whether it’s transporting delicate produce or handling raw meat and poultry, the design of conveyor systems requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure food […]
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Items being transported on belt conveyor systems in a warehouse.

10 Intriguing Facts About Belt Conveyor Systems

In the world of industrial automation and material handling, belt conveyor systems stand as indispensable workhorses. These unassuming yet powerful systems have transformed the way we move goods and materials within factories, distribution centres, and various industries.  Facts About Belt Conveyor Systems Let’s delve into 10 intriguing facts about belt conveyor systems that highlight their […]
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Conveyor systems transporting pallets in a warehouse.

What are the Different Types of Conveyor Systems?

In the modern world of manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics, conveyor systems have become indispensable. These mechanical marvels efficiently transport goods, parcels, and materials from one point to another, saving time and labour while ensuring smooth operations. Conveyor systems come in various types, each designed to cater to specific needs and industries. In this blog, we […]
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Belt conveyors at a warehouse

Finding the Right Belting Material for Belt Conveyors in Food Manufacturing Operations

Numerous types of conveyors can be integrated into the food manufacturing process to automate and streamline the production and transport of produce from one area of the assembly line to another. Belt conveyors are amongst the most common and integral components of any automated food production process. One of the key considerations for the food […]
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Items on belt conveyors being transported in a warehouse

Belt Conveyors: The Backbone of Efficient Material Handling in Modern Industries

In today’s ever-evolving landscape of industrial operations, the seamless and efficient movement of goods and materials is undeniably the cornerstone of success. Among the plethora of tools available to optimise productivity and streamline material handling processes, belt conveyors have emerged as a time-tested and irreplaceable solution.  In this comprehensive blog, we will delve deep into […]
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Pallet conveying

How Intelligent Pallet Conveying Drive Warehouse Efficiency

In today’s fast-paced and intensely competitive business environment, increasing efficiency in warehouses has emerged as a top concern for businesses in a variety of industries. One crucial aspect of warehouse operations, especially in food and beverage, consumer goods and FMCG, is the movement of pallets, which often involves complex logistics and time-consuming manual processes. However, […]
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LAC Logistics Automation conveyor belts in a warehouse

What are the Methods of Conveyor Tensioning?

Proper conveyor tensioning is crucial to ensuring peak performance and preventing problems like belt slippage or misalignment. It refers to maintaining the correct tension in the conveyor belt to promote smooth operation and minimise wear and tear. In this blog, we will examine some popular tensioning methods as well as their benefits. Screw Tensioning One […]
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