Stacking and de-stacking systems as part of your conveyor solution

Pallet stacking automation

What is stacking?

It is the action of arranging a number of items in a neat pile, usually to utilize storage space. Subsequently, de-stacking is the reverse action, of moving items from an organised pile. Both of these actions are used widely across the logistics and warehousing arena to solve various obstacles and problems.

Stacker solutions in the logistics industry

The logistics industry relies on stacking solutions. It is important that businesses properly utilize their storage space available, which this can aid. When it comes to automated stacking, the solutions work hand in hand with conveyor systems. Various conveyor solutions require efficient ways of stacking boxes, crates, or pallets.

Tote and carton handling

Installing conveyor systems as part of a tote and carton solution will improve workplace efficiency, productivity, health and safety of your facility or warehouse. Tote & carton conveyors are modular in design and capable of conveying totes, containers, cartons, trays, and products.

Stacking tote and carton handling

Utilising tote and carton handling

  • Simple product transit / transportation
  • Sortation – high and low speed
  • Warehouse storage systems
  • Order picking / packing
  • Pick to light systems
  • Light weight products up to heavy pallet transportation
  • Assembly Lines
  • Interfloor conveying / elevating
  • End of line packaging systems
  • Automated conveying and accumulation
  • Vehicle loading, unloading & crossdocking

Incorporating stackers with conveyors

In a tote and carton handling system, often stacking is at the end of the conveyor cycle, as the finished product or material is packaged and can therefore be stacked. Consequently, de-stacking is usually installed at the start of a system when a storage item needs to be stacked ready to be loaded into. When installed into a conveyor system, stacking solutions can improve efficiency, productivity, and throughput.

How can LAC provide stacking solutions for you?

The LAC team can provide a wealth of solutions, for example: sortation, parcel handling and tote & carton handling. As a result, there are a wide range of logistical situations which can utilise LAC’s capabilities.

Stacker solutions montage

Below shows a montage of solutions that LAC have designed and installed for a variety of customers. Thus, watch the footage to see them in action:

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