Exotec are a revolutionary logistics business, based in Lille, in the far north of France. Two men with strong engineering backgrounds; Romain Moulin and Renaud Heitz, founded the business in 2015. Their vision was to create a revolutionary order-picking solution via a fleet of robots able to move in three dimensions.

The Skypod system is the perfect warehouse robotic system, designed specifically for the supply chain. It connects mathematics, mechanics, and humans to create the most productive system possible. The system has been developed to help e-merchants and retailers to best utilise their available warehouse space.

LAC Conveyors & Automation have entered an exclusive partnership with Exotec. With this partnership, LAC have the sole rights to implement the Exotec logistics toolkit in the UK. The Exotec systems add another high-level logistics solution, to the already impressive LAC range.

The Skypod System

The Skypod The Skypod System is a speciality order-picking solution, which offers the best performing solution in the logistics and supply chain arena. Based upon customer requirements, the system remains flexible and adaptable, which is great for everchanging supply and demand levels. The robot itself, functions as part of a fleet. Each Skypod supports the [...]

Industry Expertise

Industry Expertise The first ever installed Exotec system, was in the e-commerce industry, for a leading French online retailer. The customer had three of its warehouses successfully installed with the Exotec Skypod system. Since this primary installation, E-commerce has been a large driver for the success and popularity of the Exotec Skypod order-picking solution. The [...]

ASTAR Software

ASTAR Software Exotec considers the expert ASTAR software as the conductor of the Skypod order-picking system. It has been designed to prepare orders as quickly as possible. The system works to ensure that priority orders are retrieved first, synchronising with each robot effectively, to ensure the optimal level of performance. The ASTAR software manages the [...]

The Skypicker

The Skypicker Working in tandem with the Skypod order-picking system, is the Skypicker. As the ‘the right arm of robotic order picking’, the Skypicker is a robotic arm, installed as part of your picking station. Installing the Skypicker adds another level of automation to your warehouse, with capabilities of simultaneously preparing four orders at once [...]