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Warehouse Automation Systems

The logistics sector is increasingly using more and more automation in its supply chains. Because these supply chains are needing to become more agile, as the 2020 pandemic demonstrated. L-A-C Logistics Automations has been servicing the Post and Parcel sector for several years. Designing and installing logistics automation solutions that save time and labour, enabling our customers to grow their businesses.

Automated Warehouse Systems

We believe that our range of warehouse automation systems will enable us to grow our market share, particularly in the omni-channel and on-line supply chains, making our customers’ businesses both agile and successful. We can see that the demand for robotics is continuing to increase across the Logistics sector and we are ideally positioned to service this sector’s present and future needs. Browse through our warehouse conveyor automation solutions below and contact us to discuss your needs further.

Logistics Automation with Pick and Place Robots

Logistics automation with pick and place robots involves using advanced robotic systems to enhance efficiency in various sectors. These systems include customisable 5-axis and 6-axis robotic arms, suitable for simple transfers to complex tasks in automotive and manufacturing. 


They incorporate features like 3D vision, vacuum pick tooling, and collaborative robots for innovative solutions like bin picking. High-speed SCARA and Delta robots are used in packaging, supported by vision systems for accurate part identification and placement. This technology streamlines processes, increases speed, and improves accuracy in logistics operations.


Autonomous Manoeuvrable Robots (AMR) The requirement for Autonomous Manoeuvrable Robots seems to have grown exponentially over the last two years. LAC are proud to have signed an exclusive UK agreement with Prime Robotics in the USA. Prime manufactures a versatile range of AMR’s suitable for many applications ranging from .com all the way through to […]


Exotec Solutions Exotec is a revolutionary logistics business, based in Lille, in the far north of France. Two men with strong engineering backgrounds; Romain Moulin and Renaud Heitz, founded the business in 2015. Their vision was to create a revolutionary order-picking solution via a fleet of robots able to move in three dimensions. The Skypod […]

Conveyor Systems

At L-A-C, we go beyond conveyor systems; we engineer efficiency, innovation, and success in every design and installation project. With years of industry-leading expertise and in-depth knowledge of automation technology, we are your trusted partner in crafting the perfect automated conveyor solution for you. We understand that your operations are unique, which is why we […]

Parcel Handling

Parcel Management System L-A-C Logistics Automation provides comprehensive solutions for both manual and automated parcel management. We offer a complete range of technologies to handle all Post and Parcel items, from mail to parcels and from totes to flatpacks. Our solutions offer high-end sortation with throughputs exceeding 6,000 parcels per hour to low-end sortation for out-of-gauge […]


Sortation Systems Fast, accurate and cost-effective item-picking for eCommerce orders is a reality with LAC’s conveyor, robotic and control expertise. Sortation systems are required at various points in intralogistics, such as in the goods receiving, picking and shipping areas utilising our horizontal and vertical cross belt sorters, with systems further enhanced with our storage and […]

Pallet Handling

Pallet Conveyors & Pallet Handling Our pallet handling expertise stems right back to the roots of L-A-C Logistics Automation and has formed a solid platform for us to grow into the business we see today. This enables us to flourish within our core business sectors in providing the complete end to end solution. L-A-C’s pallet […]

Tote and Carton Handling

Tote Handling Equipment and Carton Handling Equipment From warehouse automation to production facilities and machine integration, our tote and carton handling conveyors will improve efficiencies, productivity and health and safety within your warehouse or facility. L-A-C Logistics Automation has a wealth of experience across a vast array of business sectors we supply carton conveying systems […]


ASRS LAC Logistics Automation is proud to be direct business partners with TGW Logistics, helping to strengthen our capabilities in offering fully automated warehousing solutions. This enables LAC to draw on an extensive range of ASRS mini-load cranes, further complimenting LAC’s existing portfolio of automation products such as; Conveyors, Robotics, and AMR’s.  Thereby offering highly […]

Robot Palletising

Robot Palletising Our robot palletising capabilities are spread across a wide variety of business sectors and are designed to work in line with our customer’s specific needs. From totes and boxes, drums and sacks, Trays and Jigs we have a robot palletising solution for all handling requirements. Our palletising robot systems range from the manufacture […]

Bespoke Equipment

Bespoke Equipment From a standalone assembly machine to a complete production line our bespoke automation expertise plays a key role in the development of current and upcoming technologies, allowing us to spread this wealth of knowledge across all market sectors to ensure we deliver the very best solution. Our intelligent solutions align with the strict […]


Conveyor Control Systems & Software Development Our software enables our clients to change, adapt and grow their business with minimal disruption. Covering all aspects of warehouse management our WCS software integrates seamlessly with host IT systems, offering great usability and real-time warehouse communication.  Evolved from automation and built-in modern architecture, our smart warehouse management software […]

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