World Leading Logistics Company Handles More Parcels Than Ever Before

A Parcel Handling Obstacle

A packing sortation conveyor system from LAC provides a global leader in the logistics industry with all the automation they need to meet their parcel handling challenge.

A global leader in the logistics industry, specialising in international shipping, courier services and transportation has invested in a new packing sortation conveyor system from LAC Conveyors & Automation.

The Brief

The company, who trade and are recognised on an international scale, offer services including parcel delivery, supply chain management and parcel sorting, needed a new larger building to replace their existing depot. Their new depot had to be equipped with an automated sortation system to meet their new challenges of increased demand. The automated sortation system incorporates a dynamic DWS (Dimension Weigh Scan) system including image capture.

The Challenge

LAC’s design team had to consider several factors when putting together the ideal system. They had to be able to accommodate the increased throughput required whilst accommodating for varying sizes, shapes, and weights. In addition, a modular and adaptable approach was needed to be able to meet future scalability and reconfiguration requirements. The variety of packages handled, including irregular shapes, ranging from as little as 20cm square x 2cm thick up to 120cm long and 80cm tall with weights ranging from 0.5kg up to 30kg.

The Solution

The solution had to be able to accommodate material arriving and departing from trucks with loose loaded material, cages and pallets and have a throughput more than 2,000 parcels per hour to the delivery vehicles.

The DWS system provided a fully automated pre-sort to and from the courier vans and incorporated a rework area for those items identified by the host system as requiring manual intervention.

Parcel Handling Conveyor System

The overall solution offers a clever configuration of LAC standard conveyor solutions. Therefore, the conveyor system includes the following conveyor elements: line shaft conveyor, 90-degree roller conveyor bends with underslung AC motors, belt conveyors and incline belt conveyors, Ro7 driven motorized roller conveyors, belt under roller conveyors, Post and Parcel switch sorters, walkways, platforms, and flooring for easy access around the system. Likewise, the DWS system, with 5 sided omni directional barcode reading (laser based), LFT dimensioning, and scale used for parcel identification.

LAC offers fast scalable solutions which are manufactured and installed quickly to handle customers ever changing demands. Subsequently, LAC provided the customer with the full integration package below:

1. Mechanical Installation

2. Electrical Installation

3. Controls

4. Engineering

5. Project management

6. Delivery to site

7. Test and commission

The Benefits

  • Optimizing productivity
  • Reduces manual handling requirements
  • Modular design offers easy scalability
  • Designed to handle varying loads
  • Robust and reliable system
  • Designed to accommodate for varying parcel shapes and sizes
  • Quick to install
  • Highly configurable system
  • Low maintenance

Conveyor system for sortation and parcel handlingHow can LAC meet your sortation needs?

Here at LAC, we can provide your business with a wide range of logistical solutions. Whether it is a conveyor system, parcel sorting or another logistics solution, LAC can fulfil and surpass your logistics needs.

LAC offer a range of handling solutions for both manual and automated parcel handling and sortation. Consequently, this will ensure you can have the precise and bespoke conveyor system to fit your business needs.

Our parcel handling solutions offer high-end sortation with throughputs that can exceed 6,000 parcels per hour. Moreover, this will lead to a high-level of effectiveness, that can meet the logistical and warehousing demands that your business may have. As a result, this will ensure your employees’ (or sortation associate) job in your warehouse, is as easy as possible to ensure the highest level of productivity for your business.

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