Belt roller 24 volt Pallet Conveyor Modules

A Fully Versatile Range

Effortlessly handle various parcel types, including carton boxes, plastic bags, paper bags, and plastic totes

Streamlined Operations

Reduce order lead times, enhance reliability and integrate seamlessly with other modules.

Customer Support

Comprehensive warranty policies and exceptional after-sales care provide peace of mind and value added support.

Cost-Effective Solution

In-house efficiency enhancements and cost savings on conveyor solutions offer unbeatable value to customers.

Fast Lead Times

Customisable Range

Cost Effective

Made in the UK

Our Standard Conveyor Range




Belt Conveyor Range

End-Driven Horizontal Belt
Underslung-Driven Horizontal Belt
Incline / Decline Belt

Ocado 24v conveyor

24v Conveyor Range

Poly-O / Polly-V Straight
Poly-O Stainless Straight
Poly-O / Polly V Bend

LAC high speed indexing conveyor belt

Pallet Conveyor

Powered Pallet Roller
Chain Conveyor
Pallet Stacker/De-stacker
Pallet Turntable

High speed indexing conveyor belt

High Speed Belt

LAC gravity roller conveyor

Gravity Roller

Poly v conveyor

Pallet Conveyor

Roller Straights
Chain Straights
Roller Turntable
Chain Turntable

Your Trusted Partner
For Conveyor Solutions

Conveyor innovation lies at the heart of LAC Logistics Automation. With over two decades of expertise, our in-house solutions team will work with you every step of the way in the design, manufacture, implementation, and after-care of your bespoke conveyor solution.

As a part of our forward-thinking approach, we are constantly developing new solutions and expanding our range to cover an array of applications. Our focus on innovation drives us to create conveyors and integrated automation systems that not only keep pace with industry trends but also set new standards. Our solutions evolve alongside your operational needs, ensuring that you are fully equipped with the latest innovation and technology advancements to enhance productivity and efficiency.

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Designed for you

We offer a comprehensive range of automated conveyor systems and technologies for efficiently transporting your inventory up, down and around your facility. Our conveyors provide flexible solutions designed to manage cartons, parcels, totes, bins, trays and pallets and can be enhanced to accommodate a vast array of other package variations and materials.

Our modular conveyor designs offer invaluable agility in the warehouse environment, meaning our systems can be scaled up or down with ease to work in line with your production requirements. Whether movement is achieved through gravity, powered, or combined, our team will work with you to determine the right solution to best suit your operational needs.

In this age of evolving demands, LAC remains your partner of choice for innovation and reliability. Explore our ranges, unlock new possibilities, and experience the future of material handling with LAC – where innovation, expertise and efficiency positively impact your operations within the dynamic world of logistics.

We manufacture our conveyors in-house

Designed with an unwavering focus on reliability, performance, and user-friendly operation.

The LAC re-engineered conveyor modules stand at the forefront of conveyor innovation. Our offerings include a diverse conveyor range, all meticulously designed to redefine efficiency and reliability. Being a UK-based manufacturer allows us to respond swiftly with fast lead times, as our solutions are not only cost-effective but also customisable to suit individual needs.

rely on LAC

Lase cutting

Innovative Technology

With a long history of continuing product innovation, our customers benefit from our proven technologies and extensive ever-evolving product portfolio. Our focus is on developing enhanced hardware and software solutions that deliver robust, future-proof systems.

Systems design

Tailored Solutions

Our bespoke solutions are specifically tailored to your business’s specific needs. Using our wealth of knowledge and market intelligence, we can ensure the final solution works in harmony with your production and operational requirements.

Engineers on a site

Professionally Delivered Projects

Our multi-skilled, professional and experienced engineering team will clearly identify your business requirements, define the right solution for you and deliver an industry leading, high-performing solution.

Customer care rep on the phone

Service &

With LAC you’re in safe hands. Our team continues to support your operations through our range of after-care and maintenance packages to preserve and optimise the value of your system.

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