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Corrugated Side Wall Conveyor Belts

Jun 18

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Thursday, June 18, 2009 1:04 PM  RssIcon

Used for the safe handling of small loose items corrugated side wall conveyor belts are an important part of L.A.C. conveyors equipment portfolio. This type of belt is used for one of two reasons. Firstly if very small items or components are being transported the side wall keep the product within the confines of the belt. Thus preventio the ingress of product into the body of the conveyor. Secondly if the product being conveyed is delicate for example soft skin tomatoes it prevents product damage as the side guides is moving at the same speed as the belt and product thus preventing scuffing.

The disadvantage of this type of conveyor is that the head and tail rollers needed to get the belt around can be excessive, for example a 80mm tall side wall requires a 250mm dia drum. Thus transferring the product can be difficult.