L-A-C to Represent Exotec in the UK

L-A-C have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to represent Exotec in the UK

L-A-C, leading providers of conveyor systems and automation solutions, recently announced the new partnership with Exotec to sell and promote the revolutionary Skypod System in the UK. Headquartered in Lille (France), Exotec are robotic solution manufactures that specialise in the logistics sector, helping online retails and brands to meet the ever-demanding challenges of a seamless customer experience.

What is the Skypod System?

The Skypod System by Exotec is a unique solution in the automation market in that it offers a short lead time from order to installation and equally fast implementation and integration with the hosts ERP system.

The Skypod System compromises of a light robot with a payload of 30kg which can move in 3D and access high-level bins. This allows the operator to remain stationary and work from one pick/load position while the robot carries out the requested tasks. The robot locates itself in a map of the warehouse utilising laser scanner technology.

This innovative solution offers scalability allowing a business to start with an initial installation to meet its start-up needs at a reasonable initial investment and then expand the solution as the business grows.

The Skypod System is also unique in its use of Robots, not only to move totes around at floor level but also to travel up the rack to store or retrieve, negating the need for complex conveyor systems. Data is received from the WMS outlining a list of preparation requests with a given priority. Its responsibility is to get them out of the system into preparation containers, as fast as possible, with respect of priority constraints.

CEO of L-A-C, Chris Unwin said: “I’m delighted to secure this partnership with Exotec, which will not only further enhance our business capabilities but also contribute towards the goal of growing market share within the logistics sector.”

UK Demonstration Centre Plans

L-A-C plan to open a demonstration centre in the UK this year, which will enable customers to experience a fully functioning automated warehouse solution in person. The centre will distribute real products and feature pick stations, multiple rack combinations, conveyor systems, AMR solutions and the Exotec Skypod System.

If you would like to find out more about the Skypod System or enquire about warehouse automation capabilities, please contact sales@lacgroup.co.uk.

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