Understanding Robotic Warehouse Automation with Prime Robotics

Warehouse automation and robotics solutions are transforming industries and becoming the in-demand option for businesses looking to drive efficiency and accuracy through their operations. We will dive into the benefits of robotic warehouse automation, plus look into the innovative products by Prime Robotics that are now available in Europe for the first time!

What is Robotic Warehouse Automation?

Robotic warehouse automation is where a warehouse’s tasks are carried out predominantly by robots. Robot warehouse automation typically involves robots unloading and loading lorries, loading and unloading pallets, moving products or shelves between locations, robots palletising goods or pick and place robots being utilised within a conveyor system.

What are the benefits of Robotic Warehouse Automation?

Robotic warehouse automation allows for significant cost reduction. For example, on average businesses that have automated warehouses have reduced their labour by 70%. Many face the need to compete for the best human manual labour available to keep up with increasing demand, so it’s not a surprise that more and more businesses are turning to robotic warehouse automation solutions.

When it comes to efficiency and accuracy, robots will definitely win the competition when it comes to remembering the exact locations of thousands of products. Robotic warehouse automation typically improves warehouse productivity by 8 or 10 times, plus the warehouse can be in operation 24/7!

Other great benefits of robotic warehouse automation include being able to update the inventory daily, improve the general safety, maximise warehouse space and be more environmentally friendly.

Who are Prime Robotics?

Prime Robotics are AMR specialists headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA. They have an unmatched expertise in optimising warehouse processes with vast experience developing warehouse management systems and heading up complex software integrations.

As their saying goes “robots don’t design automation solutions, people do!” Prime Robotics are no doubt hands-on experts when it comes to warehouse robotics. Their approach brings the human side to robotics by identifying areas to optimise within a businesses operations before expertly designing a robotic automation solution to build on the new found efficiencies.

Prime Robotics have more than proven their worth in the USA, by saving warehouses facing the dilemma of “automate or die”. Now Prime Robotics are branching out into Europe, starting with the UK, we’re excited to see their impressive contributions come to life and transform the way UK and European warehouses operate.

What is AMR?

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) use sensor technology to move around a warehouse. The robots main purpose is to easily move items around a warehouse, usually on a shelf or pallet. AMR’s are changing the automation landscape as they efficiently move around products and are in turn replacing forklifts.

AMR’s are integrated to the Warehouse Management System (WMS) which makes the perfect partner for other integrations such as our conveyor systems, palletising robots and pick and place robots.


Prime Robotics

Prime Robotics’ MobileShelf is an AMR which is able to pick up and transport shelves around a warehouse. Designed for a complete warehouse solution, a MobileShelf warehouse would typically include a fleet of 12-14 robots. This is where the ‘warehouse of the future’ really comes to fruition, as this system allows workers at a fixed station to request items and the MobileShelf will simply pick up the shelf containing the item and bring it to them. Once the item is picked, the robot will take the shelf away back to it’s location.

MobileShelf improves warehouse productivity 8 to 10 times over manual picking, making it the fastest robotic picking AMR solution for warehouses today! To give you an idea of picking rate, workers are able to pick 300 to 350 items per hour, which drastically reduces the requirement for manual labour. Better still, the MobileShelf can be deployed with minimal disruption to warehouse operations, is easy to operate and requires minimal training.



MobilePallet is designed to provide a fast and efficient way of unloading palleted goods and easily moving them around a warehouse. Similarly to the MobileShelf, this leverages the same best-in-class AMR technology.

This Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) technology can dramatically improve efficiency by being able to load and unload trucks fast as well as having the ability to sequence movements. MobilePallet recieves the pallet from the lorry via forklift and then autonomously moves it to wherever it’s needed such as storage, a pick station or a staging area.

MobilePallet can effortlessly move up to 1496kg which means a limited number of forklifts, drivers and overall improved warehouse safety. MobilePallet can be used alone or as part of a complete automated warehouse, working in unison with all of Prime Robotics products.



AutoShelf is the newest product in the range from Prime Robotics. This autonomous, self-driven inventory shelf features a built-in robot. “The shelf is a robot when it’s an AutoShelf!” This mobile inventory vehicle can go virtually anywhere – it can start off in a warehouse, drive on to a lorry and even drive itself on the shop floor to display goods that consumers can choose items from.

Unlike the MobileShelf, where a robot will go and retrieve the shelf for you, the AutoShelf will simply drive itself to you which delivers unmatched productivity and efficiency when there’s a ‘never wait’ warehouse picking solution. In terms of productivity, in a warehouse where every shelf is an AutoShelf, 450 to 550 items picked is achievable per hour due to the shelves being able to form a continuous queue.

Do you need a warehouse solution?

Look no further! LAC Conveyors & Automation have an exclusive partnership with Prime Robotics to deliver complete automated warehouse solutions. Contact us for a warehouse consultation where we will put productivity and efficiency at the forefront.

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