Multi-Level Conveyor Systems for Improving Warehouse Efficiency

The complete warehouse conveyor system

How do you improve warehouse efficiency and productivity whilst reducing costs? The provision of a scalable, automated, multi-level conveyor system means that you have the option to fit out a brand new warehouse in gradual steps, or alternatively start from scratch with a complete warehouse automation solution that is capable of transporting products from the door all the way to the top floor.

What is a multi-level conveyor system?

A multi-level conveyor system is a warehouse solution which consists of a series of conveyor belts used to transport products between floor levels. Multi-level conveyor systems are designed to reduce the distance that operational staff would have to walk and in turn increase productivity.

Multi-level conveyor systems are commonly used for beauty products, books, sportswear and automotive products.

What are the benefits of a multi-level conveyor system?

There are several benefits to installing multi-level conveyor solutions in a warehouse, including:

  • Improved safety of the warehouse, including eliminating the need to use fork lifts at mezzanine floors
  • Increased picking efficiency and productivity due to less walking required from warehouse staff
  • Automated stock management and replenishment when stock is low
  • Automated sortation to carriers based on price, where the WCS is set with changeable parameters (e.g. weight, volume)
  • The option to fit out a warehouse in gradual steps according to the business growth pattern and budget

How does a multi-level conveyor system work?

Major distribution centres are typically built with very high ceilings to accommodate high bay racking which is filled with bulk or palletised products, some to up to 30m high! These high ceilings allow for multi-level mezzanine floor structures to be built which accommodate fast moving products. Without a conveyor system in place, operational staff would have to walk a considerable distance to keep the process moving and would have to rely on each other to be in the right place at the right place.

A multi-level conveyor system can be designed bespoke to the requirements of the business, but it’s ultimate purpose is to keep the process moving and increase productivity by reducing the amount of walking require by operational staff.

The conveyor systems are integrated to the warehouse control systems (WCS) and warehouse management systems (WMS) to achieve a fully functioning high-speed intralogistics solution. The warehouse management system (WMS) will monitor incoming business orders and automatically place a replenishment order when the level of stock drops. To replenish stock, pallets are broken down at ground level and the individual cartons are placed on a conveyor. The carton will have a barcode which is scanned at several locations along the conveyor system until it reaches the ‘bus stop’ closest to it’s stock location, where it will end it will be diverted to a separate conveyor and wait to be stored in it’s assigned area.

For packed stock exiting the warehouse, ground floor sortation will send the product out to the customer (B2B or B2C) by using the warehouse management system (WMS). This is set with changeable parameters (weight or volume) and automatically selects the courier based on the best price, and sorts the parcel to them.

What equipment does a multi-level conveyor solution include?

A complete automated multi-level warehouse solution will typically include;

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