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May 28

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Thursday, May 28, 2009 9:54 AM  RssIcon

LAC conveyors have just won an order from a major UK producer of seeds to join two production processes together, reduce manual handling and reduce product spillage and waste.


Seeds are dried and cleaned in one processes before being transferred to the bulk storage area, prior to LAC’s solution these seeds were moved via an old conveyor and bagging station.  The new swan conveyor had to be capable of containing the seeds on the belt and transporting them with no damage and minimal waste.


The solution was one of our Tracker range of PU (polyurethane) belt conveyors, 8m long horizontal and 2m incline using a food grade PU belt complete with integral corrugated side walls and flights.  The integral corrugated side walls which are attached to the belt ensure that the product stays on the belt.  This ensures no damage occurring due to rubbing against stationary side guides and protects the conveyor from ingress of the seeds into the conveyor workings.


LAC have supplied many conveyors with this type of belting which can be used to either protect the conveyor from the product and/or protect delicate products from damage by the conveyor.