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Modula Belt Conveyors and Conveying System for Crumpet Packaging Area End of Line

Oct 16

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Friday, October 16, 2009 9:29 AM  RssIcon

Eight Modular Belt Conveyors of varying run lengths from half a meter to three meters with varying conveying belt pitches is one of two system designed, engineered and to be installed, by L.A.C. Food Industry Conveyors, for a crumpet manufacture in the south of the UK.

The Modular Belt Conveyors are designed with a solid high density plastic beveled edge end bed (less rollers)  which lye's under the conveyor belt . Having the conveyor systems designed this way makes the unit cost effective, saving time in engineering and also increases the longevity of the life of the conveyor belt (through less wear at any single point) saving time in manufacturing and replacement parts has a cost saving we can pass on to the client.

L.A.C. Food Industry Conveyors are situated in the 'End of Line' packaged area of the plant and convey the packed product on conveyors and through a series checks:-
  • Single transfer to multiple width line crumpet (groups of 4) conveyors
  • Metal detector - and indexer conveying lines
  • Leek detector - conveying systems
  • Bi-directional conveyor which (after Leek detection) either rejects or accepts the product in alternative direction
The conveying system and series of checks achieves production of 40 packs per minute.

Two of these system are due to be installed the end of October 09.