What are the benefits of installing an ASRS system?

ASRS Solutions

What are the benefits of installing an ASRS system?

What does ASRS stand for?

ASRS stands for ‘Automated Storage & Retrieval System’. A high quality and productive logistics solution, consisting of a range of computer-lead systems. Furthermore, these systems, once programmed correctly, can automatically place, and retrieve loads from pre-determined storage locations. Typically, ASRS solutions are used and installed in situations where:

  • There may be storage issues, due to lack of space in your storage facility.
  • The accuracy level is vital to stop expensive damage and ensure high productivity levels.
  • Improvements to storage and transport are needed.
  • High volumes of loads being transported.

What are the different types of ASRS?

The requirements of your ASRS, determine the best suited system to meet your solution’s needs. Therefore, there are several different systems to consider, including: Mini-Load Cranes, Skypod Systems, and Shuttle feeding Goods-to-Person Station. When considering the system to install, variables to think about include:

  • Throughput levels required.
  • Warehouse space.
  • Size and weight of loads.
  • Height of facility.
  • Potential growth in demand levels.
  • System Adaptability.

ASRS TGW solutionsAutomated Storage & Retrieval Systems with TGW

TGW are a world-renowned business in the logistics arena, spanning over 24 counties in 3 continents. Above all, they specialise in solutions ranging from Mini-Load Cranes to Shuttle feeding Goods-to-Person solutions. Therefore, making them a perfect direct business partner with LAC.

These systems compliment the current LAC range, working in tandem with systems such as conveyors, robotics, and AMR solutions. Due to this relationship, we can provide versatile and adaptable solutions to optimise your supply chain. Some of the benefits of an ASRS solution with TGW include:

  • Tailored to work with your WMS (warehouse management system).
  • Can operate at up to 18 metres high.
  • Double stacking options available.
  • Able to store up to four loads deep to optimise storage opportunities.
  • Handling up to 4 loads at once, utilizing the latest Twister Load Handling technology.
  • Has the capacity to operate in varied temperature zones, including refrigerated and frozen.
  • Uses energy saving technology.
  • Systems are easily maintainable.

The Skypod System by Exotec

The Exotec Skypod initial idea began in France 2014, with the goal of evolving the goods-to-person process. This 3rd dimension solution has become a disrupter to the goods-to-person market throughout Europe and is now entering the UK, USA, and Asian logistics arenas. Meanwhile, the Exotec solution is unique to the automation market. Furthermore, it offers short lead times and fast implementation and integration levels.

LAC Conveyors & Automation have signed an exclusive UK agreement, further enhancing our product portfolio. This addition ensures we can provide our customers with a range of logistics solutions, thus giving us a better system range to solve more logistics needs. Some of the benefits and statistics of the Skypod System by Exotec include:

  • Can operate up to 12m high.
  • Adaptable racking capabilities, considering floor space and ceiling height.
  • Fast installation, as racking mechanisation is not required.
  • Easily scalable, which are adaptable to your businesses needs and demands.
  • Robots function in fleets, which are constantly assigned tasks and can be programmed to prioritise the most urgent task before others.
  • Quickly charged robots..
  • Ergonomic workstations reduce stress, strain, and fatigue for your workforce.

Choosing LAC Conveyors & Automation to integrate and install your ASRS solution

With the introduction of Exotec, and the relationship with TGW, we boast a range of ASRS solutions. As a result, this ensures we have enough options to integrate with our other in-house manufactured Robotics and conveyor systems, to ensure each bespoke solution’s needs are met.

Finally, for the latest updates and news about LAC Conveyors & Automation, then follow us on LinkedIn. To speak to a specialist about ASRS or another solution, visit our contact page.

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