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Setting The Scene

The UKs largest dedicated parcel carrier officially opened its new purpose built, 15,000 square metre, parcel distribution hub in Warrington back in 2014. 

The facility was designed to support the continuation of growth of the company. The hub has a capacity of around 550,000 parcels a day – almost three times that of the previous site in Warrington. 

The facility’s purpose was to help with the developing requirement for next day deliveries, playing a key role in plans for international expansion. The site also provides a platform for further innovation. 

L-A-C Logistics Automation is now entering its 5th year, working with the multinational delivery company, in the development of automated solutions for parcel processing. Its latest challenge was to split small parcels from large to increase processing times. 
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50% Reduction In Labour Costs

2x Space Efficiency Increased

99.9% Sortation Accuracy

3x Sortation Capacity Increased

Controlled handling of diverse parcels

The Challenge

The latest challenge was to introduce a sortation solution specifically designed to accommodate small sized parcels. 

Prior to the new solution the sortation of “small traffic” was a combined process with larger parcels. This meant that smaller parcels were harder to process and ended up being manually sorted.  

This operation could not service the capacity requirements. It was also reliant on sourcing labour to fulfil extra capacity which was problematic at peak. 

Separating smalls from larger parcels meant higher throughputs could be achieved utilising a more streamlined solution with a 99.9% accuracy of sort. 

For the last 6 years, Evri has trusted L-A-C Logistics Automationto increase operational performance to achieve business objectives, and this project is the latest testament to L-A-C Logistics Automation delivering proven results.

The sorting system was designed with future growth projections in mind, allowing for scalability as throughput needs increased. 

Controlled handling of diverse parcels.

The Solution

L-A-C Logistics Automation provided a turnkey solution which was designed and simulated in-house. 

Induct/feed conveyors facilitated initial parcel separation, which was then further segregated using a flighted belt conveyor. Parcels were then fed to a volume and weight measurement system. 

The sortation system involved specially designed high payload diverts that transported packages to operator stations. The operators could then check & reorient the parcels prior to induction onto an Equinox Split-Tray sorter. 

The Equinox sorter, with a speed of 1m/s, could accurately sort orders into 42 locations at a rate of 10,000 pph. The sorter’s reduced footprint ensured minimal disruption to current operations. 

L-A-C Logistics Automation modular software design and integration provided a seamless data flow with Evri’s WMS (Warehouse Management Systems), completing the final piece of the puzzle. This integration allowed for 99.9% real-time visibility, traceability, and control for quick decision-making and monitoring. 

Efficient automation approach

The Benefits

The solution provided by L-A-C Logistics Automation had several benefits for Evri. This unique automation approach has ensured a fast and flexible response to future e-commerce demands and has enabled an increased ability to handle parcels of such a shape and size in a controlled manner. 
  • 3x Sortation Capacity Increased

  • 99% Sortation Accuracy

  • 2x Space Efficiency

  • 50% reduction in labour costs

The Solution Included…

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Operator Stations

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Bespoke Chutes

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High-speed dimensioning weighing and scanning technologies

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Equinox Bombay (Split-Tray) sorter

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Modular belts

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The Benefits…

The solution provided by LAC Logistics Automation had several benefits for Evri. The sortation capacity was increased by three times.

The solution also provided:

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3X Sortation Capacity

99.9% Accuracy

2X Space Efficiency

50% Reduction in labour costs

The Result…

The collaboration between Evri and LAC Logistics Automation resulted in a game-changing solution that boosted Evri’s supply chain efficiency. Evri is now able to cater to international markets and reach out to new customers without expanding its space. The technology also led to faster and more cost-efficient next-day delivery capabilities, revolutionizing the customer experience.

By leveraging LAC’s Automation Toolbox, Evri was able to accelerate operations & gain complete visibility. The optimised, simulated, and proven end-to-end sortation solution was precisely what Evri needed to overcome business challenges.

 With LAC bringing innovation in motion to life, Evri is now equipped to meet exceed industry standards to gain competitive advantage

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    Increase Supply Chain Efficiency with sortation directly into shipping cartons.

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    Cater to international markets & new customers in the same space.

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    Faster & cost efficient next-day delivery capabilities.

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