Flat Pack Gets A Lift with an LAC Pallet Handling System

LAC Conveyors & Automation have recently completed an innovative project which involved designing, building, and installing a pallet handling system.

This system used modular belting to move the pallets of product. The same system was configured to return the empty pallets and any waste materials.

By utilising LAC’S modular range of conveyors the system can be scaled up or down to help solve a vast array of manufacturing and production line efficiency problems!

The conveyors have been designed to handle 2x750kg pallets with a maximum load of 1,500kg per conveyor.

Why a pallet handling system?

The client, a global player in the flat pack furniture industry needed a new system to integrate with its existing production line.

LAC Conveyors designed a system that involved 17 conveyors and ancillary equipment which were built to exacting standards and able to withstand the hard knocks of a production line.

Integration into existing production lines can be easily affected due to the modular design of this type of conveying equipment.

The advantages

Advantages of using modular belting instead of powered rollers for this scenario are:

  • Modular plastic belting can handle a wide range of pallet sizes and pallet conditions.
  • Even though modular belting initially costs more, over the life of the equipment there are reduced maintenance and running costs compared with a powered roller solution.
  • Roller conveyors have difficulties in handling pallets in poor condition.
  • The ability to replace specific segments by swapping out particular modules.
  • The durability of the modular plastic belting.

How the pallet handling system benefited the business

The design incorporated two ramps that allowed for hand pallet trucks to be able to feed/take off pallets into the system with a further three conveyors designed to feed/take off pallets via forklift trucks. Both types of receipt and despatch conveyors then feed onto the modular belt conveyors.

The design allowed for tight/close transfer points between conveyors to help mitigate any transfer problems that might arise. This was done by using a 10mm gap between the conveyors and a 1” pitch modular belt.

The system was installed over two floors. Pallets were moved between floors via a lift in which LAC Conveyors installed a modular belt conveyor to move the pallets between levels. This ensured minimal handling at transfer points and ensured maximum productivity.

All the modular belt conveyors have been designed to move in both directions which allows for pallets of product to be delivered and waste to be returned.

For more information on this unique design and how a bespoke pallet handling system could help you and your business, contact LAC for a consultation today.