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Robot palletising solution

Palletising solutions to improve productivity

The benefits of palletising solutions Whatever the industry, palletising is a tried and efficient method. Installing such a solution can improve productivity in your workplace, by making your employees tasks much easier. subsequently, logistics solution specialists use palletising throughout the industry as it solves a lot of productivity and space-saving issues. What is palletising? Palletising […]
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Robot Pick and Place

What Does Pick and Place Mean for Robots?

What Does Pick and Place Mean For Robots? Modern manufacturing environments require the most up to date robotics solutions. Subsequently, pick and place robot solutions are very much utilised in the logistics arena in the UK and further afield. This type of automation to speed up the level of throughput. Thus, installing a pick and […]
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Logistex robotic palletising

Robot Palletising in the Manufacturing Industry

Robot Palletising in the Manufacturing Industry The UK manufacturing industry is sometimes considered as a declining industry. However, the UK is currently the 9th largest manufacturing nation on the globe. It employs over 2.5 million people and has an annual output of almost £200 billion. Robot palletising is one of many solutions that can support […]
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Robotic applications in the food industry

How big is the use of robotic applications in the food industry? The use of robotic applications in the food industry is growing remarkably over recent years, helping to revolutionise food processing, sorting, handling, palletizing, picking, and packaging. Resulting in them being a sizeable solution provider for many businesses with a range of sizes. With […]
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Robotic Applications In The Automotive Industry

Industrial robots have been used in car factories around the world for decades, but those in use today are more advanced than ever with the robotic applications for the automotive industry increasing. It is estimated that in the UK alone the annual turnover of the automotive industry is over £50 billion, and in 2018 the […]
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