Conveyor Service and Spares

Conveyor system service and spares from LAC Logistics Automation

Is your old conveyor system costing your company time and money? Showing signs of wear and tear?

Then it might be time to ensure you have a reliable source for parts and servicing. The demands on the supply chain in the last couple of years have put even more demand on your equipment than ever and it doesn’t look like things will be slowing down anytime soon.

With that in mind, it’s even more important that your conveyor system is well looked after. Servicing and preventative maintenance can save significant lost production time over the life of your equipment or system. Even if you haven’t bought your system from us, we will do our utmost to help.

Conveyor system service and spares from LAC Logistics Automation

UK Manufactured and Delivered

LAC Logistics Automation are unique, in that we not only design, but we manufacture and build our own systems at our purpose-built sites in Nottingham. This means that if you buy from us and you need a replacement part, we can expedite your order, so you don’t have to rely on long delivery times.

We design commonality of parts usage where possible, enabling us to stock parts that are interchangeable between systems. Many of the sub-assemblies, drives, bearings, and belts we use are common to many of our systems and so we carry a stock of spares on our premises. This allows us to deliver direct to our customers and get them up and running as quickly as possible. Should our clients not have secure maintenance departments we have a service available to store critical spare components on our site.

Our service and spares is the fastest route to get your conveyor system back up and running.

Conveyor system service and spares from LAC Logistics Automation

All-in-one Package

We not only specialise in service parts, spares, and repairs for your conveyor systems but also in preventative maintenance. We offer a range of contracts designed around the complexity, production use and environment your system operates in. Once we have installed your system, we carry out a full audit of the process line and suggest a tailored service package to suit the process line. The customer will also be sent a full list of recommended spare parts so that they are available onsite as and when components wear or fail.

Conveyor system service and spares from LAC Logistics Automation

Remote Access

Our PLC-driven systems utilise high-end communications networks. These facilitate stepped-down levels of diagnostics that can be accessed via secure remote access solutions. Typically, over 80% of system faults can be diagnosed and resolved this way, saving the high cost and lost time involved with an engineer call-out.

In the event of a critical issue requiring an engineer’s visit, our remote access facility can provide useful diagnostic information so that the engineer arrives better informed and prepared to deal with the issue at hand. We can also install CCTV cameras linked to our remote access units to enable us to monitor your system during normal operation.

Just a few of the spares we regularly deliver;

  • Belt Conveyor Components
  • Flexible Conveyor Components
  • Conveyor Rollers
  • Belt Conveyor Components
  • Lineshaft Conveyor Components
  • Pnuematic Valves & Cylinders
  • Lineshaft Components
  • Overhead Conveyor Components
  • Geared Motor Drives
  • Other Conveyor Components
  • Geared Motor Units
  • Bearings
  • Surplus Conveyor Components

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