Robot Palletising the Benefits of Simulating

Benefits of robot palletising simulation.

Our solutions team play an integral role in ensuring the correct technology is applied to fulfil your individual automation requirement. Our solution designers work closely with R&D, sales and design in the development of the solution, throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Our sophisticated simulation software gives you the full confidence that what you see on screen matches how the robot will move in real life. This is ideal for building, testing, and refining your robotic palletising installation in a virtual environment, speeding up commissioning time and productivity.

Simulation Benefits include;

  • Maximise Productivity – program and test without disturbing ongoing production
  • Flexibility – plan and design new robotic solutions to repurpose facilities for product upgrades
  • Speed up deployment time – reduce downtime and commissioning time.
  • Sustainability from the start – up front robotics simulation and process optimisation.

Developing a robot palletising simulation helps the integrator and the customer start from the same page. All process information and objectives can be set out from the start.

Key information to ascertain;

  • Pallet size
  • Pallet patterns
  • Part dimensions/masses
  • Expectations of rate based on the upstream/downstream process
  • End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) Design – considers the mass and inertia of the EOAT and product load on tooling. In cases where there are multiple parts with different masses the worst-case scenario can be used.

Following analysis of the key data, the correct robot for the job can be selected. The EOAT can be designed and inputted into the simulation. With all these elements set out the layout of the robot palletising cell can be understood, with consideration around available space. Product and pallets can then be entered along with conveyor infeed’s and outfeeds, safety fencing and third-party equipment such as strapping, wrapping, and labelling.

Following setup, the simulation can be run. Rates can be analysed to understand how they can be perfected to meet cycle times.

A key component of our sales and design process is to help you visualise. Let us help you turn your robot palletising solution into reality. Email or call us today on 0115 975 3300 for more enquiries! 

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