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Sortation in a warehouse

What is Automated Sortation in a Warehouse?

Effective warehouse operations are essential in today’s world of e-commerce and global supply chains for satisfying client needs and guaranteeing on-time delivery. Warehouses are using automation technologies to streamline their operations as a result of the constant demand for speedy order fulfilment and seamless distribution. Automated sortation systems are one such technological invention that has […]
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Warehouse sortation facility.

Sortation Automation Technologies Predominantly Used in the Logistics Industry

In logistics and warehousing processes across industries like e-commerce, post-parcel, retail, and manufacturing the tasks of sorting, routing and segregating products and SKUs is an integral part of intralogistics operations. Sortation systems along with conveyors and automatic identification systems play a crucial role in facility operations to process large volumes and varieties of items such […]
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