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Flexible Automatic Robotic Picking Solutions

Here at L.A.C. Conveyors & Automation we produce high-quality pick and place robot cells to increase productivity, reduce labour costs, and manage the increased pressure of a modern-day workplace.

We have a skilled team of designers and engineers that use creative concepts and design processes to ensure we implement the correct automatic picking solution for our customers’ needs.

We have developed innovative pick and place robots to handle process plant loading, ingot stacking, machine tending, robotic assembly/manufacture, plastic trimming, and inspection.

We’ve helped a number of businesses achieve automation success by installing a solution system that was bespoke to their business needs. You can see our success stories by checking out our case studies. An example of a pick and place success story was a robotic pick and place cell for the fresh food industry where the client witnessed a 25% increase in productivity.

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Cleverly Designed Pick & Place Robot Cells

Not only is it imperative to implement the correct solution to a pick and place application, but it’s also necessary to have the ability to deliver and service that automation solution in the future.

We have an expansive design capability with decades of experience in bespoke and differentiating products across multiple industries, not just food, so you can rest assured we’ve got the creative experience to design, build, test, and install a robotic pick and place solution that is suitable and beneficial for your business.

We manufacture all of our own supplementary equipment and have in-house controls and software division. This allows us to have complete control of a project, not only during installation but throughout the working life of a pick and place robot cell from design through to servicing to ensure the system stays efficient for your business.

Key features of our pick and place robots:

  • Only mainstream robots supplied: Staubli, Fanuc, Kawasaki, ABB, Kuka
  • Design and simulation of cells
  • In-house manufacture of associated equipment
  • In-house test facilities
  • In-house design
  • In-house design of the end of arm tooling
  • Training and development of operators
  • 24-hour cover

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