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Robots are often seen at the end of a line palletising the finished product. However, they are now being used to a far greater degree further down the processing line. They’re being used for finishing and decorating food items, packing product into trays and boxes, as well as packing boxes into cartons and trays for delivery to the retailer. Operating within the food sector requires a separate set of skills to operating within the general manufacturing industry. L.A.C. Conveyors & Automation has a specialist division designing robotic systems and automation plants specifically for the food industry sector.

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As well as designing custom built cells for our blue-chip customers, L.A.C. Conveyors & Automation also have a standard range of high-speed pick and place cells for loading product into supermarket trays, crates and cartons. We have supplied systems into the red meat industry, as well as the poultry, ready meal, confectionary and bakery industries. To handle the high throughputs these machines are designed to deliver, we also supply a standard range of high hygiene in-feed and discharge conveyor systems. We have a set of skilled design engineers and installation/service engineers that are used to working to the high standards that the food industry requires.

Key benefits:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved product quality and consistency
  • Improved quality of work for employees
  • Increased production output rates.
  • Increased product manufacturing flexibility
  • Reduced material waste
  • Compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Easily customisable
  • Increased production rate feedback and control

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