Robotic Manufacturing Systems

L.A.C. Conveyors & Automation has invested a lot of resources over the last few years to develop a specialist division which can propose and deliver innovative robotic solutions to the manufacturing, logistics and food processing marketplaces.

We supply robots from the world’s largest and most versatile industrial robot manufacturers and use our expertise to select the correct robot from this unrivalled range. With the ability to supply our in-house range of feed and discharge conveyors and also design and wire control systems, we have complete control through the whole of the project.

As robots become ever more complex, capable and cost-effective, the marketplace will grow to overcome the increasing cost and difficulty in finding labour for manual tasks.

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We are able to supply robots with payload capacities from 3kg up to 1200kg, and have reaches from 580mm to 3200mm. These can be supplied as 4 axis or 6 axis, thus we’re able to provide a solution for virtually any robot palletising or pick and place application. L.A.C. has invested heavily in robot simulation software so our clients can see how our robotic solutions can be utilised for their projects.

Our ability to also manufacture the accompanying conveyor systems for pick and place applications or pallet conveyor systems for robotic palletising applications allows us not only a competitive advantage, but keeps the whole project within our control.

Our expertise within the food sector has marked us out as a leading supplier of high speed pick and place robots both end of the line and further back along the process line to many leading food manufacturers.

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