WLN Report 2023

transforming the logistics industry.

We’re excited to share that our company has been featured in this year’s ‘Warehouse Logistics News – Logistics Report 2023’!
Our wide range of robotic solutions is helping transform logistics, from inbound/outbound handling to sorting and packing. 

Through partnerships with ABB, Exotec, and Unbox Robotics, we demonstrate our commitment to innovation. 

By providing tailored solutions and seamless integration, we empower businesses to optimise their operations. A big thank you to our amazing team, partners, and clients for their support. If you’re interested in gaining valuable insights into the future of robotic warehouse logistics, grab a copy of the report and discover the exciting possibilities ahead!

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Intelligent Robotic Solutions for every application

Robotics and AI are maximising the returns and benefits of automation in warehousing & logistics. 

LAC Logistics, the UK’s leading systems integrator and automation solutions provider is unlocking the power of robotics to deliver their customers ultimate efficiency and productivity in all areas of their material handling operations.

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses constantly seek innovative solutions to optimise their operations and stay ahead of the competition. Over the past few years, robotics has emerged as a transformative force, revolutionising automation in intralogistics and addressing challenges to deliver significant value. With rapid advancements in technology and integration capabilities, robotics has transcended from being a mere novelty to becoming an essential tool for businesses worldwide, critical for survival and success.

L-A-C’ boasts a proven track record and core competencies deploying their full range of innovative robotic solutions to serve diverse operational functions; from inbound & outbound, piece picking and packing, goods-to-person, robotic storage automation, sortation, palletisation, and de-palletisation.

L-A-C is also an exclusive integrator partner for Exotec in the UK. L-A-C has been monumental in delivering turn-key automation projects for its clients in the UK, by deploying Exotec’s flagship products. Skypod, is an all-in-one system for storage, retrieval and order picking. It operates on a goods-to-person philosophy and consists of robots that can climb racks up to 12 metres in height and retrieve products autonomously, before delivering totes to human-staffed or robotic picking stations. Racks are fully scalable, so storage capacity can be increased when required. It maximises storage density per square meter of floor space, whilst increasing operational velocity & flexibility. Exotec’s system is designed to dramatically increase efficiency and productivity in warehouses by automating the movement of goods to the picker, rather than the other way around. Better still Exotec is the first Tier 1 systems integrator to guarantee both performance and reliability for the duration of the contract.

As an ABB Partner, LAC offers bespoke Robotic solutions explicitly tailored to customer needs, with unparalleled flexibility and adaptability for mixed or single SKU palletising, depalletising, and pick and place operations. With the ability to handle a wide range of products, these solutions seamlessly integrate into existing workflows without extensive modifications to the infrastructure, allowing for optimised operations and improved efficiency with reduced downtime.

LAC’s palletiser systems cater to various business sectors and can be customised to meet specific needs, including handling totes, boxes, drums, sacks, trays, and jigs. LAC also offers custom robot gripper solutions for single or multiple picking tasks, considering heavy or fragile products. From single robot cells to complete production lines with multiple robots, these systems complement LAC’s extensive range of products and seamlessly integrate with conveyor, automation, AMR, Skypod, and ASRS solutions, providing a comprehensive warehouse package.

Safety, efficiency, and quality are paramount in LAC’s system design, realisation, and implementation. Helix, LAC’s intelligent WCS software solution, is critical in managing sequence data, converting it into build schedules, and offering full product traceability. Seamless integration with customer’s WMS and ERP systems, provides real-time material flow with intuitive dashboards for operational insights with business intelligence.

The operator interface is easy to use, offering complete control and monitoring of the robotics systems via HMI (Human-Machine Interface). LAC also uses sophisticated 3D robot simulation software to visualise space and cycle time analysis. With LAC’s wide range of Robotics solutions, businesses can expect tailored and efficient solutions for their unique needs, backed by LAC’s expertise and extensive range of products and services.

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