Conveyor Manufacturers for the UK

L.A.C. Conveyors & Automation have spent the last two decades being conveyor manufacturers and providing automation solutions to many of the UK’s largest manufacturing companies. With the need for increases in productivity within this sector, we are constantly modifying conveyors and plan to reduce cycle times and increase throughputs.

The manufacturing industry is varied and we have manufactured conveyors for handling every component imaginable within various industries. From tank and aircraft components, through to automotive, plastic, electronic, and life sciences, we have just about done it all. This amount of experience is what sets us apart from the competition. It makes us confident that we’re a conveyor manufacturer you can trust and rely on to meet your conveyor solution needs. 

Our ability and eagerness to work with our partners within this sector, and to deliver innovative solutions under pressured time constraints, on time, and on a budget are what we relish.

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No matter what industry you are working within or what product is being handled, we’re sure we have handled it before. We’re conveyor manufacturers that have a broad range of experience and are always adding bespoke projects to our portfolio.

For elevating products between processes our all-plastic range of modular belt conveyors offer a cost-effective solution.

For the horizontal movement, our range of belt conveyors and modular belt conveyors would provide a good conveyor solution.

With widths from 20mm to 3000mm and loads of up to 3000Kg per drive, the range is extensive.

Flighted belt conveyors are also available for handling loose materials. For products with a solid base, we can offer our powered roller conveyors, and depending on the load, poly V, poly O, or lineshaft is available.

For heavier loads, our range of pallet conveyors and chain conveyors can provide a solution for you, and as conveyor manufacturers, we ensure we make all our conveyors bespoke to you and your business goals.

For special applications, we can design completely bespoke equipment or modify our standard range of belt conveyors and roller conveyors to deliver a suitable conveying solution.

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