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Vision & Checking

Our vision systems at L.A.C. Conveyors & Automation are used in all industries and have seen massive success in helping customers ensure the packaging for a product is correct and assembly features for car parts are to the correct dimensions.

100% quality inspection is demanded for Automotive, Engineering, and Medical assemblies, or any produced item where function and quality is critical to the operational running.

Our vision systems come as part of our capabilities and can be applied to conveyor systems, automation tooling systems, packaging systems, and manufacturing processes. They can be applied to any of our systems within the automotive, food and beverage, logistics and warehouse, manufacturing, or alongside our robotic automation systems.

Why L.A.C.?

Our extensive team are experienced in ensuring both the process of assembly and final inspection is 100% behind this need and have a range of inspection and checking tools to call on to ensure this.

All of our conveyor and automation systems are designed, manufactured, and tested in-house by our expert team of designers, engineers, and testers to ensure a great product and system you will be happy with and get value out of. All of our vision and checking systems can be integrated and designed bespoke for your business needs and around your existing business systems.

We’ve had customer success stories with our vision systems. You can see how our customers have benefited from having these vision systems in place by looking at our case studies.

We have long-standing partnerships with vision system suppliers such as Omron so you know you’re in good hands when it comes to a full system with vision and checking capabilities.

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This can be physical or dimensional checking using cameras or sensors, integrity checking eg pressure testing, visual eg colour match/blemishes with specialist sensors.

Machines can be standalone checking systems or integrated into the main assembly lines, checking every stage of the assembly process. Failed components are often locked in to create a no faults forward regime to ensure there are no repeats of the problem in the process or manufacturing line again.

Our machine vision systems work especially well when coupled with our robotics as they allow processes to not only be automated and speed up, they also allow for higher quality and improved consistency for your products and production system. The machine vision systems are effective at spotting any faults and will stop the line or highlight any of the problems with ease so you know that no product that doesn’t meet your quality control requirements will make it through to your customers.

Benefits of vision systems

• Experienced engineering team in many sectors of inspection and measuring with a large knowledge base of solutions

• All elements handled in-house – concept, detailed design, procurement, build, commissioning, training & full support

• 100% guarantee of quality

• More reliable than human inspection and measuring

• Quality control of the build

• More efficient output due to stopping issue early in a sequence

• Continual savings after initial payback

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If you need a vision checking system, whether it’s for the logistics and warehouse industry, packaging, food and beverages, or any other industry, we can help. Contact us today for a consultation on how we can help you and your business excel.

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