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Automatic Assembly

Our automatic assembly here at L.A.C. Conveyors & Automation can help your business by automating the assembly process of products within your product creation process.

Control of components is the key to a successful assembly machine. We have supplied many systems to sort, separate, orientate, and assemble. The relevant approach, e.g. walking beam, rotary table, multiple, or singular depends on the speed required and component.

An automatic assembly machine can incorporate automatic testing, robot automation, and mechanical handling. The type of equipment required for the system is bespoke to what the system needs to do and completely driven by our customer’s requirements.

You can see how our automatic assembly systems have helped businesses by looking at our case studies. We’ve had a recent client success story with the company IAC and a punching system which enabled them to witness high tolerance accuracy and repeatability.

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Correct tooling is vital if machines are hand loaded with components to prevent misassemble. Poka-Yoke features can be designed in to prevent this.

Up and downstream integration of the current process can often be incorporated as well as stage by stage component inspection and assembly testing.

We build all machines in-house, applying our years of experience to each project with your business needs as a paramount consideration. We design, manufacture, test, install and maintain the automatic assembly machine with our customer in mind to meet the floor plan and needs of the business.

Benefits of Automatic Assembly

  • The experienced engineering team in many sectors of engineering process and assembly with a large knowledge base of solutions
  • All elements handled in-house – concept, detailed design, procurement, build, commissioning, training & full support
  • Output rate guaranteed
  • Reduction in risk of RSI claims
  • Labour saving of manual operators
  • Quality control of the build
  • More efficient output
  • Continual savings after initial payback

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