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Palletising solutions to improve productivity

Palletising can be used in a number of ways in a variety of industries to improve your day to day efficiency in your warehouse.

Whatever the industry, palletising is a tried and efficient method. Installing such a solution can improve productivity in your workplace, by making your employees tasks much easier. subsequently, logistics solution specialists use palletising throughout the industry as it solves a lot of productivity and space-saving issues.


What is palletising?


Palletising is the method of stacking, packaging, and moving products on pallets to improve efficiency for handling, transporting, and shipping. Installation of a new solution can improve efficiency in a number of ways. Thus, less space is used up in stacking and storing methods, by stacking goods closely together. As a result, larger amounts of goods can be moved at the same time, speeding up the amount of goods moved in a particular time frame.

What industries regularly use it?


Due to the adaptability and wide range of palletising methods, there are a variety of industries that use it. Some of the industries that use this method regularly are:

- Wood and timber.


- Paper manufacturing and supplying.


- Metal industry.


- Construction work.


- Retail manufacturing and distribution.


- Logistics.


- Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


- Food manufacturing and packaging.


Robotic palletising


Palletising is a beneficial solution for logistics issues, but can always be improved as technology does so. Subsequently, a range of industries, including those listed above, have installed robot solutions in their warehouses.

robotic palletising cardboard boxes


What is robot palletising?


Palletising, as mentioned previously, is the use of pallets to stack goods or materials more effectively. Therefore, robotic palletising is the same action but with the use of robots to stack, rather than using manpower.


What are the benefits of installation?


There are a number of benefits to installing a robot palletising solution. Some of these include:


Speed – using robots is faster than using your workforce to do so.


Precision – ensured precision by elimination of human error.


Adaptability – installations can be adaptable to different sizes, speeds and weights of goods or materials.


Cost-effectiveness – installation ensures a long-term cost-effective solution.


Productivity – increased through high levels of speed, precision, and adaptability.


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