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Conveyor Modules

With three decades of experience, L-A-C Logistics Automation remains at the forefront of innovation with our re-engineered conveyor module solutions, designed to enhance your operating flow by providing increased handling capacity.

From Food & Beverage and Manufacturing to Retail and Post & Parcel, conveyor modules offer a versatile and reliable choice for material handling. By leveraging our in-depth knowledge and industry expertise, we are ideally placed to showcase the transformative power of conveyor solutions and their ability to streamline your materials handling operations.

Our in-house design and UK manufacturing capabilities allow us to meet urgent requirements without compromising on quality and deliver solutions that provide continued operational reliability and proven conveyor performance.

We’re proud of our portfolio of industry-leading conveyor module technology helping customers to benefit from cost-efficient and robust solutions that provide the agility needed for long-term growth. Contact us today to begin your journey.


Conveyor innovation lies at the heart of L-A-C Logistics Automation. With over two decades of expertise, our in-house solutions team will work with you every step of the way in the design, manufacture, implementation, and after-care of your bespoke conveyor solution.


As a part of our forward-thinking approach, we are constantly developing new solutions and expanding our range to cover an array of applications. Our focus on innovation drives us to create conveyors and integrated automation systems that not only keep pace with industry trends but also set new standards. Our solutions evolve alongside your operational needs, ensuring that you are fully equipped with the latest innovation and technology advancements to enhance productivity and efficiency.

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We offer a comprehensive range of automated conveyor systems and technologies for efficiently transporting your inventory up, down and around your facility. Our conveyors provide flexible solutions designed to manage cartons, parcels, totes, bins, trays and pallets and can be enhanced to accommodate a vast array of other package variations and materials.


Our modular conveyor designs offer invaluable agility in the warehouse environment, meaning our systems can be scaled up or down with ease to work in line with your production requirements. Whether movement is achieved through gravity, powered, or combined, our team will work with you to determine the right solution to best suit your operational needs.


In this age of evolving demands, L-A-C remains your partner of choice for innovation and reliability. Explore our ranges, unlock new possibilities, and experience the future of material handling with L-A-C – where innovation, expertise and efficiency positively impact your operations within the dynamic world of logistics.


Designed with an unwavering focus on reliability, performance, and user-friendly operation.


The L-A-C re-engineered conveyor modules stand at the forefront of conveyor innovation. Our offerings include a diverse conveyor range, all meticulously designed to redefine efficiency and reliability. Being a UK-based manufacturer allows us to respond swiftly with fast lead times, as our solutions are not only cost-effective but also customisable to suit individual needs.

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Tailored Conveyor Solutions
Our team excels in crafting tailored conveyor solutions, precisely aligning with your unique needs. Affordable and reliable, that's our promise.
Quick Lead Times
Our in-house UK design and manufacturing allow us to meet urgent requirements without compromising quality.
Competitive Pricing and Quality Assurance
As manufacturers of our own equipment, we take pride in offering competitive prices
Standard Conveyor Range
Our standard conveyor range ensures reliability in operations, offering proven performance to our customers.
Worldwide Shipping
Although we may be a UK manufacturer our business goes beyond our borders. We provide comprehensive shipping Worldwide and our specialised team will travel wherever to install your automation systems.
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