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Layer Palletising

As part of L-A-C’s comprehensive Robotic and Automation offering, Layer Palletising systems can be configured and customised to best fit specific applications and can be delivered as a pure robotic system or as one of a standard range of layer palletising machines. In both cases solutions are designed to automate the process of stacking entire layers of products onto pallets. Ideally suited to industries with high-volume, uniform products such as in the food and beverage sector, layer palletising robots enable efficient loading and unloading of goods with speed and precision.

Optimal Efficiency for High-Volume Operations

These highly versatile systems enhance throughput and remove the need for the workforce to engage in repetitive manual tasks, contributing to overall efficiency within warehouses, production facilities, and distribution centres.


L-A-C Logistics Automation has a long and enviable reputation for designing and integrating robotic technology, and through its strong partnership with layer palletising specialists, InterSystem, remains at the forefront of innovation to provide industry-leading technology solutions for today’s logistics challenges.


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intersystem layer palletising
Layer palletising

Palletising at Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Sweden

Benefits of Integrating Layer Palletising Systems:

High Throughput
Stack multiple layers of products onto pallets rapidly, significantly increasing throughput compared to manual palletising.
Space Optimisation
Maximise pallet space utilisation by arranging products in pre-defined patterns, allowing for efficient storage and transportation of goods.
Reduced Labour Costs
Eliminate the need for manual labour reducing costs, and minimise the risk of injuries associated with repetitive, manual tasks.
Scope to handle a wide range of products and pallet configurations offers flexibility to adapt to changing production or distribution requirements.
Consistent Quality
Ensure consistent stacking patterns and precise placement of products using advanced vision systems and software algorithms, reducing errors and minimising the potential for product damage.
Layer palletising

Layer Palletising

InterSystems - Optimised layer palletising for the food industry

For optimal product flow using pallets across warehousing and distribution facilities, InterSystem’s leading range of layer palletising equipment offers compact, space optimising and modular solutions, easily adaptable to most premises and packaging lines.


With over 25 years of innovation, InterSystem continue to evolve their range to be consistently user-friendly and reliable, which minimises the need for maintenance and repairs.

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Four Key Offerings of InterSystem Layer Palletisers

Optimised Palletising

We are a leading integrator in the palletising of fast moving consumer products, specialising in solutions for the food production, warehousing and distribution sectors. Our expertise enables us to provide robotic and special purpose machine systems dependent upon application best-fit.

Total Supplier

Our track record demonstrates our partnership credentials for providing complete packaging and palletising line solutions, with design and delivery capability from the packaging machine through end-of-line palletising to the warehouse. We ensure an efficient design and build process with optimised lead-times and smooth onsite installation and commissioning. Post-handover training, ongoing support and process optimisation offers you the complete turnkey solution.

Flexible & Scalable

Our palletisers are modular in design, compact, easy to deploy and scalable to suit future demands. These features allow systems to be supplied as standalone units or as part of complete packaging lines, enabling them to be adapted for most production and logsistics environments.

Best-Fit Technology

As experts in automation and logistics we have an established partner network to optimise our solution design expertise, granting us preferential access to the best available technology. For robotic solutions we partner with all the leading OEMs, and for dedicated layer palletising systems we represent InterSystem AS and offer their class-leading standard machines for differing product flows across Single, Multi, InLine & Com Pact Max.


Trust L-A-C for Innovative Layer Palletising Solutions For all our robotic and automation solutions, we strive to provide exceptional design expertise alongside customer service excellence throughout the journey from concept to installation, and beyond.


From single layer palletising systems to fully integrated solutions encompassing a range of innovative automation technologies, we have the passion, drive and know-how to deliver the right solution for every customer requirement. Let us bring enhanced operational efficiency, productivity, and agility to your operations, today. 


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