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Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) are sophisticated technologies designed to manage and automate the storage and retrieval of varying-sized goods in warehouses and distribution centres.

With technology advancing at a rapid rate, ASRS are increasingly proficient at significantly reducing the time taken for storing and retrieving items, leading to a more efficient use of labour and a decrease in operational costs. By maximising the all-important level of storage density, ASRS also help in optimising warehouse space, a particularly valuable asset within our ever-expanding urban areas and those with high demand. This enhanced space utilisation is not just about being able to store an increased number of items, it’s about creating a sophisticated platform for strategic inventory management that leads to improved order accuracy and faster response times.


This enables L-A-C Logistics Automation to draw on an extensive range of ASRS mini-load cranes, further complimenting L-A-C Logistics Automation existing portfolio of automation products such as; Conveyors, Robotics, and AMR’s.  Thereby offering highly dynamic, integrated solutions to optimise your supply chain, ensuring we provide the optimum warehouse automation for the handling of your products.

Our versatile range of solutions are suitable for many applications ranging from Grocery, Retail, Fashion and Apparel, General Merchandise and Industrial Consumer Goods. Providing fast, reliable and secure conveying and storage of totes, cartons and trays, offering systems that can be easily configured to accommodate required low, medium and high product throughputs.


Completing the full package, our system control software is tailored to work in line with your WMS requirements designed to support and optimise your warehouse functionality with the capability for real time visibility and traceability offering a powerful reporting system.

ASRS-44-Pallet storage and Retrieval
ASRS-33- pallet retrieval
ASRS-2- pallet storage

Storage and retrieval machine of the latest generation

Benefits of ASRS

Benefits of ASRS

Can operate at heights up to 18 metres
Can be double stacked
Can handle up to four loads using Twister Load Handling technology
Can store one, two, three or four deep to optimise storage density
Can Operate in ambient, chilled and frozen temperature zones
Using energy saving technology
Ease of maintenance
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