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How To Improve Efficiency With Automated Storage And Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

In today’s fast-paced logistics and supply chain sector, the integration of advanced technology in warehouse operations is not just a trend but a necessity for staying competitive. Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) have emerged as a cornerstone in modern warehouse automation, offering unprecedented efficiency, accuracy, and space optimisation. These systems represent a significant leap in addressing the complex demands of contemporary logistics management.


L-A-C Logistics Automation, a pioneer in offering innovative logistics solutions, is at the cutting edge of the technological revolution. Through a strategic focus on Skypod systems by Exotec, L-A-C has been pivotal in implementing advanced Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) technologies. This focus emphasises Exotec’s Skypod as the primary ASRS solution, showcasing its leading role in enhancing storage efficiency and operational fluidity. Additionally, L-A-C integrates miniload ASRS technologies from TGW Logistics and pallet ASRS solutions from Hubmaster into their offerings. This comprehensive approach ensures that businesses can fully leverage automation technology and deep industry knowledge to significantly enhance their storage capabilities and optimise their logistics operations like never before.


L-A-C Logistics Automation, in partnership with Exotec, introduces the Skypod System, an advanced logistics solution that revolutionises order-picking through a fleet of high-speed robots. These robots optimise warehouse operations by enhancing speed and efficiency, with capabilities for three-dimensional movement and handling loads up to 30kg. 


Designed to support scalability, the Skypod System allows for seamless expansion, ensuring businesses can adapt to growing demands while maintaining operational continuity. This system marks a significant leap in logistics automation, offering an eco-friendly option with a significantly reduced energy footprint. 


As we look further into ASRS, this article aims to showcase how these systems can transform your warehousing operations, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Whether you are grappling with space constraints, seeking higher accuracy levels in order handling, or aiming to optimise your storage and transportation processes, the insights provided here will guide you towards making an informed decision about integrating ASRS into your logistics strategy.




What are ASRS


Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) are pivotal in the transformation of warehouse management and logistics. At their core, ASRS are technologically advanced systems designed to automate the storage and retrieval of goods within a warehouse environment. This automation is achieved through a combination of sophisticated software, mechanical components, and innovative handling equipment. The primary objective of ASRS is to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and speed in the storage and retrieval processes, thereby significantly reducing manual labour and optimising space utilisation.


L-A-C Logistics Automation, offers a diverse range of ASRS solutions to cater to varying warehouse and logistic needs. This range includes:


  • Mini-Load Cranes: These are designed for handling small parts and are ideal for operations where high-density storage and rapid throughput are essential. Mini-load cranes are particularly effective in environments dealing with a wide range of SKUs, offering precise and swift movement of goods.


  • Robotics based Goods-to-Person Systems: These systems revolutionise the goods-to-person process, where autonomous mobile robots retrieve and deliver items directly to the workstation. This method drastically reduces travel time for warehouse personnel and enhances picking efficiency, making it a suitable solution for operations focused on reducing labour costs and increasing picking accuracy.


Each of these ASRS configurations is engineered to integrate seamlessly with existing warehouse management systems, ensuring a cohesive operation that enhances overall supply chain efficiency. Whether it’s a small-scale operation or a large, complex warehouse environment, L-A-C’s ASRS solutions can be customised to meet specific storage, retrieval, and throughput requirements.


The adoption of ASRS by L-A-C Logistics Automation signifies a step towards futuristic warehouse management, where efficiency, space optimisation, and high-speed operations are not just goals but realities.


Benefits of Implementing ASRS


Integrating Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) brings many benefits that can transform the operational capabilities of warehouses and distribution centres. These benefits not only enhance the efficiency and productivity of storage and retrieval processes but also align with the evolving needs of modern businesses. Here are some key advantages:


Enhanced Storage Capacity and Order Picking Accuracy:


  • ASRS solutions significantly increase storage density by utilising vertical space, often overlooked in traditional storage setups. This maximisation of available space is crucial for warehouses dealing with limited ground area.


  • The precision of ASRS in locating and retrieving items leads to remarkable improvements in order picking accuracy. This precision minimises errors, reduces wastage, and ensures that the right products are always on hand, ready for dispatch.


Customisable Solutions Tailored to Various Business Needs:


  • Recognising that no two warehouses are the same, L-A-C’s ASRS solutions are highly customisable. They can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of different industries, whether it’s for a grocery retailer, fashion outlet, or industrial goods supplier.


  • These systems can be configured to handle varying product types, sizes, and volumes, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to changing business needs.


Advanced Features of L-A-C’s ASRS Solutions:


  • With a focus on sustainability and operational cost-effectiveness, L-A-C’s ASRS solutions incorporate energy-saving technology. This approach not only reduces the environmental impact but also lowers energy costs, contributing to a more sustainable and economically efficient operation.


  • The solutions also enable flexibility and scalability for operations. Investing in requirements for today then allowing easy expansion for additional volume means that businesses can spread investment over time, leaving the ability to invest in other parts of the business in the short term.


By integrating these advanced ASRS solutions into their operations, businesses can expect a significant transformation in their storage and retrieval processes, leading to enhanced overall efficiency and productivity. This strategic move not only prepares businesses for current challenges but also equips them for future growth and expansion.




Integration with Other Systems


The effectiveness of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) is significantly amplified when these systems are seamlessly integrated with existing warehouse infrastructures. L-A-C Logistics Automation’s ASRS solutions are designed with this integration in mind, ensuring they complement and enhance your current warehouse management systems (WMS) and adapt to various operational environments.


Integration with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS):


L-A-C Logistics Automation’s ASRS solutions are expertly designed to integrate seamlessly with a variety of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). This integration is pivotal for facilitating efficient communication between the ASRS and the WMS, leading to real-time data exchange and better coordination of warehouse activities. 


Such a harmonious integration enhances the overall warehouse operations by synchronising critical aspects like inventory management, order processing, and logistics planning. This synergy not only contributes to more informed decision-making but also improves the tracking of goods and optimises the use of resources. 


The result is a more streamlined, efficient, and responsive warehouse operation, aligning perfectly with the fast-paced demands of modern logistics.


Compatibility with Various Temperature Zones:


Our ASRS solutions are thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse requirements of various industries, operating efficiently across a range of temperature zones. Whether the environment is ambient, chilled, or even frozen, these systems retain their efficiency and reliability, a crucial factor for industries where temperature control is essential for maintaining product integrity. This versatility renders ASRS ideal for sectors like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and others where precise temperature regulation is key. The ability of these systems to adapt to different temperature conditions ensures they can be effectively utilised in a broad spectrum of industries, supporting a wide range of product types while maintaining their quality and safety.


The Skypod System by Exotec


The Skypod System by Exotec stands as a revolutionary addition to Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, brought to you by L-A-C Logistics Automation. This system is unique, not just in its functionality but also in the features it offers. It’s designed to enhance the phrgoods-to-person process, utilising robotic technology that navigates in three dimensions. The Skypod System is particularly noted for its agility and speed in navigating through warehouse space.


Key Benefits of the Skypod System:


  • Fast Installation: One of the most striking benefits of the Skypod System is its rapid installation process. This quick setup minimises downtime, allowing businesses to ramp up their operations swiftly.


  • Productivity: With the Goods to Person concept, the minimised travel and waiting times for operators enables an average of 400% increase in picking productivity, meaning large savings on manual labour.


  • Scalability: The Skypod System is highly scalable, making it a future-proof solution for growing businesses. It can be easily expanded or adapted to meet the evolving demands of the warehouse, ensuring that the investment remains relevant and effective over time.


  • Ergonomic Workstations: The design of the Skypod System includes ergonomic workstations. These stations are tailored to reduce worker fatigue and strain, thereby enhancing productivity and ensuring a safer working environment.




Utilisation of Twister Load Handling Technology:


A key feature distinguishing the ASRS systems we provide is the integration of Twister Load Handling technology. This innovative approach significantly enhances the system’s capability to manage multiple loads concurrently, leading to a substantial increase in both throughput and storage density. Twister technology introduces greater flexibility and efficiency in load handling, effectively accommodating a diverse range of product types and sizes. 


This level of adaptability ensures that our solution can meet the evolving needs of modern warehouses, offering a solution that is not only highly efficient but also scalable. This scalability is crucial in adapting to the dynamic demands of various industries, ensuring that the ASRS systems remain relevant and effective as business needs evolve.


The integration capabilities of our ASRS solutions represent a strategic advantage for businesses looking to modernise their warehouse operations. By ensuring compatibility with existing systems and adapting to various operational requirements, these ASRS solutions stand as a testament to L-A-C Logistics Automation’s commitment to delivering versatile, high-performance logistics technologies.


Incorporating TGW’s expertise, we elevate the functionality of our ASRS systems with the Miniload ASRS technology, seamlessly integrating with Twister Load Handling technology. This combination enhances our system’s ability to efficiently manage multiple loads simultaneously, significantly boosting throughput and storage density. 


Miniload ASRS, coupled with the adaptable and efficient Twister technology, provides unparalleled flexibility in handling a wide array of product types and sizes, ensuring our solutions cater to the dynamic needs of modern warehouses with scalability and compatibility at their core. 


This strategic fusion underscores our commitment to delivering advanced, high-performance logistics technologies that are versatile and ready to meet the evolving demands of various industries.


Choosing the Right ASRS Solution with L-A-C


When considering the integration of an ASRS solution into your warehouse operations, several key factors need to be taken into account, and L-A-C Logistics Automation is adept at guiding you through this process.


Considerations for Choosing an ASRS Solution:


  • Throughput Levels: It’s essential to understand the volume of goods that need to be handled to select a system that can efficiently meet your throughput requirements.


  • Warehouse Space: The size and layout of your warehouse space play a crucial role in determining the type of ASRS solution that would be most suitable. L-A-C offers systems that can be customised to different space constraints.


  • System Adaptability: In a rapidly changing business environment, selecting an ASRS solution that can adapt to future changes in product types, volumes, or operational methodologies is crucial.


L-A-C Logistics Automation prides itself on its expertise in providing tailored solutions based on specific business requirements. 


Our approach is not one-size-fits-all; instead, they focus on understanding the unique needs of each business and designing a system that aligns perfectly with those needs.


Whether it’s a small operation or a large-scale distribution centre, we have  the knowledge and experience to deliver an ASRS solution that is precisely right for you.




Improve Warehouse Efficiency With ASRS


The integration of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) stands as a transformative step towards achieving unparalleled efficiency in warehouse operations. The advanced solutions offered by L-A-C Logistics Automation, including the innovative Skypod System and the versatile range of ASRS solutions, demonstrate a commitment to driving operational excellence.


These systems not only enhance storage capacity and order picking accuracy but also offer customised solutions tailored to various business needs. With features like high operating heights, double-stacking options, and energy-saving technology, our solutions are designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern warehouses.


Whether you are looking to understand more about the benefits of ASRS, explore the Skypod System, or discuss the right ASRS solution for your business needs, our team of experts is ready to assist. Embrace the future of warehouse efficiency with L-A-C Logistics Automation. Contact us today to explore how our ASRS solutions can transform your warehouse operations, drive productivity, and optimise your supply chain.


L-A-C’s team of experts are here to support you from concept to the finished system, working together to design and deliver a bespoke solution that meets your current objectives and future growth expectations, with favourable ROI. 


Across semi-automated and fully automated systems, L-A-C has the expertise and range of products to provide flexible and scalable solutions that will significantly enhance your operations and keep you agile as your business evolves. 


Join us on a pivotal journey towards a more efficient, productive, cost effective and sustainable future with L-A-C’s innovative automation technology solutions.

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