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Pallet Storage

With the increase in UK stockholding to ease supply chain challenges, the need to optimise the available footprint for inventory has never been more influential. Where large volumes of goods arrive and depart on pallets, efficient storage and retrieval of these palletised goods is essential for optimising warehouse operations.

High-Density Pallet Storage Systems

Highly sophisticated Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) systems have become instrumental in driving increased efficiency and productivity, providing a welcome solution to overcome space constraints and streamline inventory management, as well as meet the escalating demands of today's consumers for order fulfilment. L-A-C Logistics Automation remains at the forefront of ASRS technology integration and offers innovative solutions that enhance storage capabilities and operational efficiency for warehouses and distribution centres. Start your journey to efficiency. Contact us today.

Why Chose Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems?

With space constraints and labour costs two of the key challenges facing UK warehouses today, adopting Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) with pallet storage
capabilities can play a crucial role in enhancing operational efficiency and competitiveness.


ASRS represent a sophisticated technology to automate the process of storing and retrieving goods and are designed to handle a wide range of products, from small items to large
pallets, with high levels of precision and speed.


These innovative systems overcome space limitations by using the available vertical storage space effectively, to accommodate growing inventory volumes without expanding the physical footprint required. Additionally, automating storage and retrieval tasks reduces the reliance on manual labour, combating labour shortages and increasing productivity.

 HUBMASTER® Warehouse Automation Systems


HUBMASTER® Multi-Aisle Stacker Crane

Increased Efficiency
Automating the process of storing and retrieving goods reduces the time required to handle inventory tasks, resulting in faster order fulfilment and improved customer satisfaction.
Space Utilisation
Maximising the vertical storage capacity enables warehouses to store a larger volume of goods within the same footprint, reducing the potential need for additional storage space.
Enhanced Accuracy
Minimising the risk of errors associated with manual handling and inventory management ensures greater accuracy in inventory tracking and order fulfilment and reduces the likelihood of over or understocking inventory.

Pallet Storage - HUBMASTER

L-A-C has an enviable reputation for designing and installing ASRS solutions and is proud to partner with HUBMASTER, to provide innovative ASRS technology which delivers a flexible,
efficient and cost-effective solution to today’s warehouse optimisation challenges.


HUBMASTER specialises in providing stacker crane storage solutions designed to increase storage density and accelerate operations across pallet storage, put-away, and retrieval. Their highly flexible multi-aisle stacker crane system can be suspended from above the building or existing racks, thus reducing the installation footprint. The cranes are extremely agile and capable of moving at high speed along the aisles to both store and retrieve pallets from the racking system. Once outside the aisle, the cranes travel at a slower speed, controlled by integrated sensors, to avoid any potential collisions with either personnel, product or infrastructure.

HUBMASTER® Multi-Aisle Stacker Crane

The Hubmaster ASRS system

With many different operational configurations available, the HUBMASTER system is suitable for integration across a wide range of industry sectors including automotive, food & beverage, retail and e-commerce.

Handles goods up to 2700kg
Reaches up to 15m for multi-aisle (25m for single aisle)
Fully integrated with racking system
Rail, rack or ceiling supported
High throughput rates of 30-40 pallets p/hr

Partner with L-A-C for Optimised Efficiency

The integration of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems offers a transformational step towards achieving significant efficiency and productivity improvements across warehouse
operations. As a leading UK Systems Integrator, L-A-C offers customised ASRS solutions tailored to our customers’ operational and business needs and take an in-depth and consultative approach to designing the optimal solution for each specific project.


The intelligent solutions offered by L-A-C, including the HUBMASTER stacker crane system, support our commitment to operational excellence through innovative automation technology, coupled with exceptional customer service.


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