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Miniload Systems

As part of L-A-C’s comprehensive Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) portfolio, Miniload systems are a highly versatile small parts storage and retrieval solution that can be configured and customised to best fit each specific application.

Automated Excellence for Small Parts Product Handling

A fully automated solution requiring minimal manual input, Miniload systems enhance throughput and remove the need for the workforce to engage in repetitive physical tasks, contributing to overall efficiency within warehouses, production facilities, and distribution centres.


L-A-C Logistics Automation has a long and enviable reputation for designing and integrating ASRS technology, and through its strong partnership with Miniload specialist TGW, remains at the forefront of innovation to provide industry-leading technology solutions for today’s logistics challenges. 


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A Guide to Miniload Systems

Miniload Systems are a specific type of Automated Storage and Retrieval System focused around optimising the density of storage and inventory, through a variety of different loads. Miniload systems are highly agile, designed to handle a wide range of SKUs stored in totes, trays and cartons for enhanced storage capacity and can be easily configured to provide a highly efficient, fully automated picking and order fulfilment solution.

Crane technology, operating in aisle format on rails on the floor.
Utilises load handler on the mast that can take a variety of unit loads and store directly on rack shelves.
Multiple aisles can be linked with Automated Guided Vehicles or Conveyor networks to create a larger automated system.

Benefits of Miniload Systems

High density storage
High density storage up to 25m with payload of 100kg.
Good for bulk storage
Good for bulk storage and for replenishment of picking systems.
Tried and tested
Tried and tested technology ensures an efficient solution requiring minimal maintenance.
Robust solution
Robust solution suitable for ambient, chilled and freezer environments.
High throughput rates
High throughput rates for order processing.
Enhanced accuracy
Eliminates human handling and picking errors to enhance accuracy.

Solutions for industries

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For all our automated storage and retrieval solutions, we strive to provide exceptional design expertise alongside customer service excellence throughout the journey from concept to installation, and beyond.


Our fully integrated solutions encompass a wide range of innovative automation technologies to deliver a best-in-class service, resulting in the right solution for every customer’s unique requirement. Let us bring enhanced operational efficiency, productivity, and agility to your operations, today.


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