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Pallet Shuttle Systems

With the pressure on for fast and accurate order fulfilment combined with a reduced labour pool, the case for automation technology has never been stronger.

Automating tasks typically carried out by manual workers not only enhances operational efficiency, but it is also proving vital to stay competitive in the ever-changing logistics landscape.

Bespoke Solutions for Optimised Warehouse Efficiency

One such technology that is capable of fully automating repetitive and labour-intensive activities and delivers exceptional operational and environmental benefits is Pallet Shuttles. These are a type of Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) designed to fully automate the process of storing and retrieving palletised goods within a warehouse or distribution centre environment.


L-A-C Logistics Automation has a long and enviable reputation for integrating pallet shuttle solutions and remains at the forefront of innovation to offer industry-leading shuttle technology designed to be efficient, cost-effective, and agile. 


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A Guide to Pallet Shuttle Systems

Pallet shuttle systems uses shuttle vehicles that travel along rails or tracks fitted within a racking structure, transporting palletised goods between storage locations and the required retrieval points. They can easily be combined with a wide variety of other automation equipment such as conveyor systems, robot palletisers and pick-to-light systems, to offer a full turnkey automation solution. 


Shuttle systems are particularly well-suited for handling palletised goods in high-density storage environments across ambient, chilled and cold storage, and offer significant operational and environmental benefits, including:

Increased storage capacity
Faster throughput
Improved inventory management
Lower cost of operation
Reduced lighting requirements
Enhanced pick efficiency
Improved accuracy of order fulfilment

Introducing the Taxi Pallet Shuttle System

Working with our partners, L-A-C is proud to offer a multi-directional pallet shuttle system that both organises and optimises your warehouse. The shuttle system provides a flexible and agile solution for pallet storage and retrieval tasks, significantly enhancing warehouse operations and eliminating the reliance on manual labour.


The pallet shuttle system is multi-directional, capable of accessing different levels as well as multiple aisles and is fully scalable to adapt to operations as they up or down-scale. The intelligent software enables the pallet shuttle system to integrate seamlessly with ERP systems, as well as additional automated warehouse operations such as production or processing lines.

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Optimise Operations with Automated Pallet Shuttles


Reduce Operational Costs
Reduce the number of staff required to carry out storage and retrieval tasks
Maximise Warehouse Productivity
Create high-density pallet storage to increase both storage capacity and productivity.
Enhance Inventory Management
Utilise real-time inventory management software to track the movement of goods accurately and optimise inventory replenishment processes.
Ensure Product Quality
Reduce the number of manual workers and forklift trucks in the warehouse to eliminate human error and the potential of damage to the pallets.
Reduce Waste
Eliminate human mishandling of goods or damage to pallets to reduce waste caused by re-packaging and product loss.
Reduce Energy Costs
Limit human operatives in the warehouse to lower lighting requirements and reduce the entry and exit points to the storage facility for chilled or cold storage operations.


Partner with L-A-C for Optimised Efficiency


The integration of Pallet Shuttle Systems offers the potential for warehouse operators to significantly enhance efficiency and productivity across their pallet handling processes.


As a leading UK Systems Integrator, L-A-C offers customised pallet shuttle solutions tailored to our customers’ operational and business needs and we take an in-depth and consultative approach to designing the optimal solution for each specific project. 


The intelligent solutions offered by L-A-C, support our commitment to operational excellence through innovative automation technology, coupled with exceptional customer service.

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