5 Benefits of Installing Conveyors

Conveyor System for Parcel Handling

5 Benefits of Installing Conveyors

Conveyor installation can be a great way to improve efficiency at your place of work.  As a result, there are a wide range of industries that regularly use a variety of conveyor systems, such as mining, manufacturing, warehouse, food and agricultural just to name a few. Meanwhile, the variety of different types of systems that are available ensure for high levels of adaptability and flexibility in the conveyor industry. Whether it is parcel handling, pallet handling or sortation, the LAC team are able to meet the bespoke needs of your job with our conveyor solutions.

Conveyors Sortation System

How can a conveyor system help your business?

There are a variety of benefits to installing a conveyor system. Dependent upon the needs of your installation and industry you work in, will impact the installation that you require. Regardless of the type of conveyor solution that you install, you will reap the benefits of your new system. Below shows just five of the benefits you will gain from an installation from LAC:

Automating Human Operations

This is one of the main reasons for installing a conveyor system. Your new system would be used to aid and replace some of the workload from your workforce. Likewise, they are installed to automate the transportation of products or goods around your workplace. Thus, reducing the length and complexity of task completion for your workforce. Meanwhile, the amount of time saved will ensure a higher level of productivity.

Eliminate Risks and Injuries to your Workforce

Following on from the previous benefit, eliminating risks in your workplace is very important. Making your employees tasks easier, by reducing lifting and carrying of potentially heavy and awkwardly shaped goods will provide your workplace with less risks than before. In the same vein, creating a safer environment for your workforce will increase productivity employee satisfaction for your workforce.

Higher Levels of Control

Installation of conveyors in your workplace allows for higher levels of control. By reducing the possibility of human error as much as before, your new installation would give you a higher level of control. Higher levels of control will allow you to concentrate on improving efficiency, rather than worrying as much about safety and human errors as much.

Cost Savings

As your business grows, demand for you produce will be the driving factor behind this. As a result, you will have to improve the supply of your products, this may mean an expansion of your site, or the employment of more staff. However, the installation of a conveyor system is the best long term and cost-effective option.


Conveyor systems offer high levels of adaptability. Firstly, they are easily adaptable to a range of industries and functions, with a range of different types of systems. Secondly, the flexibility to adapt to different sizes and weights of produce is a bonus factor to an installation.

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Conveyor Installation at LAC Conveyors & Automation

The LAC team can then provide you with an exceptional solution based around your brief. LAC have proven history of working with a wide range of companies, from world-renowned market leaders to smaller sized UK based companies. As well as working in a wide range of industries. With this experience, the LAC team are equipped with a rich level of experience to best provide you with an effective solution.

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