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Autonomous Mobile Robots and Automated Guided Vehicles

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) bring a new dimension of materials handling efficiency to a wide range of industry sectors including 3rd party logistics, retail, food & beverage, manufacturing, and e-commerce.

Robotic solutions for enhanced warehouse efficiency

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AMR and AGV technologies
AMR and AGV technologies support the growing trend for integrating fully automated robotic solutions within a warehouse, distribution centre or production environment, to carry out vital tasks traditionally undertaken by human operators or using machinery requiring manual control. L-A-C Logistics Automation have considerable experience in designing and integrating innovative robotic solutions, to successfully transform customers’ operations. Working alongside our industry-leading robotics partners, such as Exotec and ABB Robotics, we offer a comprehensive toolbox of robotic technology combined with a wide range of innovative automated systems and software capabilities, ensuring every solution is designed to your specific operational needs, using only the most appropriate technology. Start your journey with L-A-C.

A Guide to Autonomous Mobile Robots and Automated Guided Vehicles

Through their ability to improve efficiency, accuracy, and safety, AMRs and AGVs are highly effective at optimising materials handling processes to enhance productivity and deliver a competitive edge with favourable ROI, for both large scale and SME operations.

Automated Mobile Robots (AMRs)

AMRs are highly intelligent, versatile, free moving robots equipped with advanced sensors, cameras, and navigation systems. AMRs utilise innovative technologies such as LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), cameras, and advanced algorithms to assess, process and then navigate their surroundings autonomously. The technology allows AMRs to adapt quickly to any changes in their environment, making them highly versatile and suitable for various tasks within the warehouse, including material transportation, order picking and inventory replenishment.


Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Conversely, AGVs navigate their surrounding by following predetermined paths or routes defined by physical elements such as magnetic tape, wires, or optical markers installed on the warehouse floor. AGVs are highly effective in carrying out repetitive, predefined tasks such as transporting goods, pallet handling, and numerous loading and unloading operations for both lightweight and heavy goods.

AMR and AGV Applications Suitable for Materials Handling Operations


Transportation of Goods
AMRs and AGVs are both highly effective at streamlining the movement of goods within a warehouse or manufacturing environment, optimising the flow of material and reducing manual labour costs and the potential for errors.
Order Fulfilment
For e-commerce-driven operations AMRs in particular offer both speed and accuracy across order picking and fulfilment tasks, significantly reducing fulfilment times and minimising errors.
Inventory Management
AMRs with integrated inventory tracking capabilities can perform regular inventory counts autonomously, providing real-time inventory visibility that helps warehouse managers make informed decisions based on accurate data.
Collaborative Operations
Both AMRs and AGVs can collaborate seamlessly with human workers, enhancing overall productivity and safety in the warehouse. AGVs are particularly adept at moving heavy or bulky items which reduces physical fatigue and risk of injury.

Benefits of Integrating AMR and AGV Solutions


Improved Efficiency
Boost operational efficiency through automating repetitive tasks and optimising the flow of goods to allow operations to handle higher order volumes with reduced lead times.
Enhanced Accuracy
Minimise the risk of human error, resulting in greater order accuracy and inventory precision, leading to improved customer satisfaction and a reduction of potential returns.
Mitigate the risk of accidents and injuries associated with manual labour, creating a safer working environment for warehouse staff.
Flexibility and Scalability
Reprogramme or reconfigure AMRs and AGVs easily to accommodate changing demands and layouts, as operations evolve.
Cost Savings
reduce labour costs, minimise error rates, and optimise the allocation of resources across warehouse operations to increase productivity and benefit from the cost benefits this delivers over the long term.

Experts in Logistics

As experts in logistic automation and the optimisation of inventory turnover and delivery lines, we offer innovative AMR integration solutions. AMRs are highly effective for enhancing the movement of goods in manufacturing and warehousing as well as optimising picking processes across a diverse range of industries, from automotive to logistics to consumer goods.

Technology Portfolio

We partner with many of the leading AMR & AGV OEM's, and have access to their extensive hardware and software product portfolios. This combination enables us to offer AMR & AGV robots that are equipped with robust safety architecture and the latest software tools to deliver safe and efficient operations that co-exist with existing plant equipment and people. Our solutions address logistical challenges across many industrial applications, designed to be flexible and maximise customer efficiency and competitiveness.

Application Focused

Combining our in-house design capabilities with extensive product knowledge enables us to create bespoke and highly effective solutions for our customers, which are suitable for a wide range of applications including storage & retrieval operations, materials handling, production flows & connectivity, logistics trains & tramming, and goods to person.

System Software & Management

Ensuring efficient and safe operation of AMRs requires expert design and deployment of multiple software tools, covering AMR navigation and fleet management as well as positioning and alignment. Working closely with our partners we can provide a customised AMR solutions that best meet your specific logistcs requirements.

Trust L-A-C for Innovative AMR and AGV Solutions

Across all our integrated robotic and automation solutions, we strive to provide exceptional design expertise utilising the latest in robotic technology, combined with a commitment to
deliver customer service excellence throughout the journey from concept to installation, and beyond.


Our highly experienced team has the passion, drive and know-how to deliver the most effective AMR and AGV installations for every customer requirement. Let us bring enhanced operational efficiency, productivity, and agility to your operations, today.

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