How a Gravity Roller Conveyor Provided Delicate Handling Of High-End Products

Roller conveyor system in a warehouse

Why the gravity roller conveyor?

Logovisual, who is a well-renowned manufacturer and supplier of visual thinking and planning systems, turned to L-A-C to help them integrate new materials handling roller conveyor systems into one of their existing manufacturing processes. The goal was to supply, deliver, install, and commission a gravity roller conveyor system with lift-up transfers and gravity rollers for handling wood products in a glueing manufacturing process.

What are the benefits of Gravity Roller Conveyors?

  • Provide an effective method of reducing manual handling issues
  • A cost-effective way of moving items
  • Easy to install, reliable with nominal maintenance requirements
  • Being modular in design, they have a great degree of flexibility and offer an infinite number of solutions for material handling issues
  • Gravity roller conveyors can also be incorporated into powered systems including powered belt conveyors and powered roller conveyors as a system requires
  • Straight runs of gravity roller conveyors can be linked with curved roller sections, spurs and many other solutions

What was needed in the gravity roller conveyor solution?

  • Three gravity roller conveyors
  • Two lift-up transfer conveyors incorporating gravity rollers
  • Footswitch
  • Controls


The conveyor system is made up of three gravity roller conveyors with two lift-up transfers that also have gravity rollers incorporated into them. The lift-up transfers give the machine operators the ability to manipulate the wooden boards that can weigh up to 60kg and measure up to 1525 x 3000mm in size. The operator uses a footswitch to raise and lower the transfers freeing up their hands to manipulate the product as required. All beds with transfers are fed from one control panel which will have a global safety system to stop all movement on the two beds if an e/stop is pressed.

Due to the high-grade finish of the end product, the wooden boards require delicate handling, so the conveyor rollers are coated with non-marking vulcanized rubber lagging. Through this Gravity Roller Conveyor, Logovisual were able to integrate new materials to their existing manufacturing process allowing for a reduction in time and smoother manufacturing process for their products.

If you would like to see how L-A-C Logistics Automation could help you with a roller conveyor solution, contact a member of the team today.

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