Zero Line Pressure Conveyor

Zero line pressure conveyor system at LAC Logistics automation

What is a Zero Line Pressure (ZLP) Conveyor System?

“We want our goods now, not tomorrow!!”

The behaviour of the modern consumer has undoubtedly shaped the way the supply chain handles demand for such goods. Customers want their packages delivered as quickly as possible, undamaged as if they were straight from the shelf. At L-A-C we design and manufacture to your exact needs and requirements and a ZLP conveyor system is no exception.

How Does the Industry Deal with Such Demand?

This is where a ZLP comes in. A ZLP conveyor is all about the control of the pressure of materials on the conveyor. Its core function and design are to have zero build-ups of pressure between adjacent packages.

In other words, the system creates a buffer to stop products/parcels from touching each other and keeps them in specific zones to avoid bottlenecks and backpressure on the system. It helps smooth out the journey of the products so the system runs efficiently and cost-effectively. 

How Do Zero Line Pressure Conveyors Work?

A ZLP is fitted with 24vDC motorised Interroll rollers along the length of the conveyor. They drive the materials along to be controlled individually into ‘zero pressure zones’  These zones are fitted with sensors and programmed so only one product will ever occupy a zone, thereby completely removing the risk of materials coming into contact with each other. As the product travels along, it will move through zones while the system checks that the zone in front is clear, this is all automated with no assistance from operators.

What are its Benefits?

  • Very Low maintenance.
  • Can handle transporting more fragile packages.
  • Designed for high-volume daily usage to keep your production line moving.
  • Individual product zones to prevent products from bumping into each other along the conveyor.
  • Can handle weights from under a kg to 200kg per zone (50-diameter drive roller)
  • Can run at 2 M/s for lighter items or 1.8 M/s for heavier loads.

Energy-efficient and low maintenance

With a zero line pressure conveyor system the zones only run when they need to. When they are not required or when the zone in front of them is full the drives stop. Their energy efficiency is much higher than that of a traditional roller conveyor constantly running.

Reduced wear and tear

Mechanical parts will always be susceptible to wear and tear on its parts. With a ZLP, the rollers and drives only run when they need to, thus reducing wear on your equipment and parts. ZLP conveyors can offer conditional to assist with preventative maintenance.

Remove the risk of product damage

A ZLP is a perfect conveyor, especially when dealing with delicate and fragile parcels amongst heavy more cumbersome parcels. When a build-up of products can occur, there is a risk of damage to the product. By removing the possibility of products ever coming into contact you remove the chance of damage.

Get in contact with us today to discuss this further. At L-A-C Logistics Automation, our conveyor expertise forms the heart of our business. With over two decades of expertise, our in-house solution team will work with you every step of the way for a bespoke solution.

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