What is a Robotic Goods-to-Person picking system?

What is a Robotic Goods-to-Person picking system?

The story of Exotec Solutions starts in 2014. On a bus ride to work, Romain and Renaud had a long conversation and a mutual passion for engineering and robotics sparked their interest in evolving the Goods-to-Person process. After many more conversations, they decided to add a 3rd dimension to it and a new disruptive, Robotic Goods-to-Person picking system was born: The Skypod.

Why is this system disrupting e-commerce logistics?

The Skypod System is making an impact for three reasons:

1. The ability of the ‘3D mobile robots’ to scale shelves as well as roll around at ground level.

2. Speed – Scuttling about at 9 mph, the robots can quickly transfer goods in the warehouse to human operators who handle packing and shipping.

3. According to Exotec, the robots’ laser scanner navigation system allows them to travel anywhere in the storage area, while operating with a max payload of 30kg.

The key to this system is in the offering of a flexible, scalable system, best positioned to disrupt e-commerce logistics. To respond to today’s market requirements, companies are putting the emphasis on deployment speed and flexible deployment capability rather than heavy fixed infrastructure in order to best respond to rapid fluctuations in demand.

What are the benefits of Robotic Goods-to-Person picking systems?

“The Skypod Robotic Goods-to-Person system, addresses the needs of a new generation of customers who are looking for high performance and high-density systems that can be modified every two years.”

From inception, the system has been designed to ensure fast deployment and full scalability. Skypod’s free navigation allows the robots to travel anywhere within the system, something the competition cannot offer today.

“The Robotic Goods-to-Person system’s software is powered by the latest artificial intelligence, allowing deployment on site within days instead of weeks.”

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Looking to implement a Robotic Goods-to-Person system into your business?

In recognising that process Automation with AI enables your entire organisation to be always on, optimizing operations and providing seamless business continuity – LAC Conveyors & Automation are proud to work hand in hand with Exotec in driving this intelligent system into the UK Logistics arena. Allowing automation to do the mundane work and find more affective ways to get it done, this will free your human workers to do more creative and important tasks.

The Exotec system is the perfect addition to LAC Conveyors and Automations Logistics Toolbox. Our complete offering covers all Logistical bases in the supply of Conveyors, robotic pick and place, robotic palletising, AMR and ASRS solutions.

“Our clients within retail, warehousing and distribution face the same challenges day in and day out, labour, space and throughput. And with the ever-evolving customer demands leading to increased SKU proliferation and the need to store a large variety of products to hand, presents automation challenges that L.A.C as a team are built to address. Our extensive knowledge and capability offer flexible and scalable solutions aiding our clients transition to full or partial automation. This constant seeking to improve operation works hand in hand with the power of flexible, scalable automation and the Exotec Skypod System satisfies this need.”  said Chris Unwin – CEO of LAC Conveyors & Automation.

If you’d like to find out more about the Exotec Skypod Solution in the UK, please contact us on sales@lacgroup.co.uk or 0115 975 3300.

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