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Conveyor parcel handling

Choosing the right conveyor to fit your warehouse system

The UK logistics and warehouse industries are more crowded than ever. For customers, it can be difficult to decide upon the best suited system to meet their warehouse needs. Conveyor systems offer a range of benefits for a variety of required parcel handling, sortation, storage, and palletising solutions. At L-A-C Logistics Automation, we provide customers […]
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Conveyors in a warehouse.

Conveyor Belt Solutions in Your Warehouse

Creating a Detailed Brief to Ensure Installation Satisfaction When you need new conveyors for your warehouse or workplace, an initial understanding of the installation is needed. Therefore, the key to the success of a project can be the creation of a good brief. In other words, the more detailed a brief that is created, the […]
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Boxes being transported via multi-level warehouse systems in a warehouse.

Multi-Level Conveyor Systems for Improving Warehouse Efficiency

Complete Multi-Level Warehouse Conveyor Systems Improving warehouse efficiency and productivity while minimising costs can be a challenging endeavour. Integrating a warehouse conveyor system into your operations can provide a substantial boost to your material handling processes. By adopting a multi-level conveyor solution, businesses are afforded the flexibility to scale their distribution centres or manufacturing facilities […]
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Labour Shortages Lead to Demand for Logistics Automation

Should you automate processes before the labour runs out? Logistics automation demand has increased during 2020 due to the labour shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. All parcel carriers and logistics companies typically rely on large agencies to provide foreign labour for parcel sorting in their warehouses. As parcel carriers and logistics companies experience unprecedented growth […]
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How conveyor systems work

Conveyor systems are an essential part of various industries, including retail and transportation. This guide, ‘How Conveyor Systems Work,’ explains their mechanics and applications. Commonly seen warehouse environments, logistics centres, supermarkets and airports, these systems efficiently transport materials and goods. We will explore their design, functionality, and the technology that drives them, providing a clear […]
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Gate conveyors in warehouse

What are Gate Access Conveyors

Here at L-A-C Logistics Automation, our gate conveyors come in a full range of retracting stainless-steel materials for the food and beverage industry. What is a Gate Conveyor? By using a gate conveyor, staff will be able to rapidly gain access to machinery which would otherwise be blocked by traditional conveyors. The benefits of this […]
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3 Points to Know About a Belt Conveyor

Before we learn about how belt conveyors are used and look at the industries that they are used in, let’s first highlight how big the conveyor market is. The market size for conveyor belts was recorded at $4bn in 2018 with an expected compounded annual growth rate of 3.5%. So, we don’t see belt conveyors […]
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Robotics And Automation In The Food Industry And Its Future

In this post, we’re going to look at robotics and automation in the food industry, the different applications robotics have, and what the future has in store for the industry. If by the end of this article you would like to know more about how L-A-C Logistics Automation  capabilities could help your business. What is […]
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Machine vision system

A deep dive into machine vision systems and their uses

What are machine vision systems? Techopedia defines machine vision systems as ‘a type of technology that enables a computing device to inspect, evaluate, and identify still or moving images.’. The technology and methods can be used for various applications from being able to identify defects, provide product sortation, barcode reading, end-of-line vehicle inspection, product checking, […]
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