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Roller And Belt Conveyor System Solves Logistic Problems

An international parcel delivery business turned to L-A-C Logistics Automation to help solve their latest problem, after having successfully provided several roller and belt conveyor systems for other major international parcel delivery companies.

Why a roller and belt conveyor system?

The carrier had been experiencing an increase in traffic of out of gauge parcels sometimes referred to as “uglies”. The international parcels delivery business needed a method of handling oversized items that are too large to go through their existing sorting system. L-A-C were able to design a conveyor system that could handle a wide variety of these oversized items with ease and as a result, speed up the lead times for these more difficult to handle items. The conveyor system needed to be able to deal with heavy load parcels due to the size they would be coming through at. For this to be possible a gravity roller conveyor needed to be built and fed into a powered belt conveyor so the heavy load could be pushed through the existing vision system the client had in place. You can see in the images of the conveyor system below how it had to be manufactured to ensure the dimensions of the parcels fitted through the conveyor system with ease and in a timely manner.

How the roller and belt conveyor system works

L-A-C Logistics Automation developed a conveyor system that involved a combination of gravity roller conveyors and powered belt conveyors that allowed for the handling of out of gauge parcels.  This system was integrated with the customers’ existing SICK bar code readers and volumetric information gathering capability. The new system collects the volume of all out of gauge items and checks these dimensions against the dimensions provided by the customer. This way the room for error is reduced and the speed in which the out of gauge items can be handled increased.

Benefits of the roller and belt conveyor system:

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Grip face tracker belt conveyor 1500mm wide x 6000mm long
Safety pop out roller
150kg full load start
Inverter speed control giving variable speed up to 30m per minute
1000mm gravity roller conveyor
3000mm gravity roller conveyor
Robust design



The customer now has a conveyor system that fits within an existing vision system and has been designed to handle out of gauge parcels. This ensures that all volumetric measurements are taken enabling correct billing to take place and a reduction in time spent manually handling parcels. The combination of a roller and belt conveyor has led to an increase in output, reduction in labour spend, and our client is able to deliver a valuable service in a more efficient manner.




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