Spiral Gravity Conveyor

Why did the Customer Choose L-A-C?

Our long history of conveyor expertise and in-house manufacturing skillset gives us the flexibility to think outside the box when that tricky solution is required.


What was the Customer’s Requirement? 

The solution needed to integrate/join with two existing 24dc motor roller conveyors that formed part of an existing system. The two current conveyors weren’t aligned and were at 2 different heights (non-standard infeed and outfeed).


L-A-C Solution 

L-A-C designed, manufactured, and built a bespoke, Spiral Gravity Conveyor, providing the missing link between the existing non-standard infeed and outfeed. Our in-house manufacturing capability enabled us to design and manufacture a steel fabrication to suit the required angled decline, still using “standard” rollers for the controlled product transfer.

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