Powered Roller Conveyor System for Aircraft Turbine Blade

L.A.C. Conveyors and Automation were recommended to supply a powered roller conveyor processing system for leading aircraft manufacturers testing, checking, and coating process of aircraft engine turbine blades.

Why a powered roller conveyor system?

The customer needed a method of transporting the turbine blades through part of their checking and coating systems.

L.A.C. were able to help by designing a roller conveyor system that could handle the blades in a smooth and guaranteed method by using a pneumatic lift and transfer units within the system.

Requirement of the powered roller conveyor system

A thorough discussion of all the material handling requirements was made which helped the L.A.C. design team understand completely the customers exacting handling requirements.

  • Powered roller conveyor system
  • 50kg rated weight load
  • Twin belt lift and transfer units
  • Vertical blade stops
  • End stops
  • Zone control
  • Pneumatics
  • Cabling
  • Factory acceptance testing

The solution we provided the customer

The turbine blades are nested onto circular carriers with RFID tags that carry a total of 50kg in weight. The carriers on which the turbine blades are nested are introduced onto the conveyor loop system via one of the two cross transfer conveyors.

The main part of the system uses Interroll Poly V drive 24v rollers with control cards that enable independent control of four zones. This level of control allows for indexing of the carriers and when a testing booth requires a new batch the carriers are diverted from the roller conveyor system using one of the “V” belt lift and transfer units.


  • Full zonal control of the zero-pressure powered roller conveyor system
  • Energy recovering braking system powered rollers
  • The integrated motor in the roller allows for an overall compact conveyor system design
  • Decoupling elements achieve particularly low noise running
  • Brushless motor with internal commutation electronics does not require maintenance

How it helped the customer

The roller conveyor system delivers a smooth, reliable, and trustworthy material handling capability of an expensive item that goes through rigorous checking procedures during its manufacturing journey prior to being installed in aircraft engines.

This type of roller conveyor system can be used for transporting cardboard, containers, barrels, totes, or tyres etc. Being a modular design’ systems can be developed that include modularised conveyors, roller curves, small belt conveyors, and zero pressure accumulation roller conveyors.

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