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Mobile Line Shaft Conveyor Increases Parcel Carriers Efficiency

L-A-C Logistics Automation has seen an extraordinary response from the logistics industry for its mobile line shaft conveyor with major parcel carriers such as Hermes, DPD, and DHL placing orders to bolster their increased business. Multiple parcel carriers use mobile line shaft conveyors within the depot network including DPD, Hermes, Yodel, Parcelforce, and DHL. Therefore, it was no surprise that the client needed one to handle the increased number of parcels coming through their depot.

Setting The Scene

When L-A-C Logistics Automation first spoke with the client, they made it clear they needed a conveyor solution to aid in handling the number of parcels coming through their warehouses. Having successfully designed, built, and installed several conveyors for several renowned international delivery services, the client could be rest-assured they were in capable hands. Due to the flexibility of a mobile conveyor system, the roller conveyor systems can be used in various layouts to match the needs of the volume of parcels coming through the client’s site. The build and set up a time for a mobile line shaft conveyor is quick and can be ready to operate within several hours. They can be integrated within existing systems and equipment such as x-ray scanners, barcode readers, data capture cameras, and box strapping machines just to name a few. Due to the short setup times, it’s no surprise that multiple carriers have been using mobile line shaft conveyors within the depot network.
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What are mobile conveyor systems comprised of?

The mobile conveyor systems consist of short (up to six metres) sections, or modules, which fasten together to form a complete material handling system. Whilst each module has its own drive unit, the power and emergency circuits are fully linked, offering the benefits of a fixed conveyor system with the added advantages of being a mobile conveyor system.


One control panel can drive up to 10 motors so the conveyor system could go up 60m long through a combination of straights, curves, and mergers of one control panel. This mobile conveyor solution offers the availability to add or remove modules as required and can match the change required in their depot centres. Mobile line shaft conveyor systems can be modularised as workstations and this makes it a great fit for a depot and parcel delivery service provider. 


As depending on what the required need is or what department it would be working in it can be moved to match the layout required. For example, if required within an e-commerce business, or delivery hub, the conveyor system could be used as part of an infeed system in the morning to bring the product into the building and then reconfigured later in the day for the packaging and the sending out process.

Autonomous Mobile Robots


Due to the client needing a bespoke mobile line shaft conveyor solution, LAC drew up a new design of the mobile line shaft conveyors that needed to be implemented and used by the client.


All the mobile conveyor units needed to be fully reversible, usable for heavy-duty items, available in different colours to match with the colour sectioning of the warehouse, and modular so they could be switched in and out of the conveyor system quickly.

The client needed a mobile roller conveyor solution due to the different floor plans the parcel delivery warehouse had to workaround.


Therefore, the roller conveyors needed to be fully mobile and reconfigurable, individually driven for each section, have a control station to ensure full control over the system and each section, and toggle clamps to connect the different modular units to various parts of the system.

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The Solution

By providing the mobile roller conveyors the client was able to process up to 3,000 items per hour which helped reduce time and cost and ultimately resulting in an efficient system. Due to be the plug and play technology offered with the mobile conveyor systems, there were minimal installation costs for the client, and they could be installed in a time-effective manner.


A benefit of a mobile line shaft conveyor system is the fact it requires little technological know-how, therefore easy to maintain, set up, and maintenance engineers to do any required work on one.


This mobile line shift conveyor system allowed the mail delivery client to unload, sort, and load a wide variety of loose mail in a more efficient and cost-effective manner, helping our client meet their customer’s service level agreements and keeping their relationships healthy by not missing their lead times.


About L-A-C Logistics Automation

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