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Exotec Speeds Global Warehouse Robotics Adoption With 100+ Sites

Exotec Surpasses 100 Customer Locations, Driving Global Expansion of Warehouse Robotics and Automation.

Investors Bet on Exotec's Unique Approach in Warehouse Robotics

Exotec, a leading global provider of warehouse robotics, has achieved a significant milestone by reaching over 100 customer sites worldwide. As part of its ongoing expansion strategy across APAC, Europe, and North America, the company is well on track to hire more than 200 new employees by the end of the year, marking an 80% year-over-year increase in its global workforce to support its rapid business growth.


Romain Moulin, CEO and Co-founder of Exotec, emphasized the importance of this achievement, stating, “Reaching more than 100 customer sites signals an important milestone for our business and the momentum of the warehouse robotics category. Leading brands trust Exotec not only to improve operational efficiency and augment their human workforces in the warehouse but also to use it as a driving force to reinvent their entire supply chains.”


Exotec’s unique approach to engineering and innovation has also garnered attention from investors. Christian Resch, Partner at the Growth Equity business within Goldman Sachs Asset Management, noted, “Amid global economic uncertainty, prolonged labour shortages, and rising consumer expectations, warehouse automation emerges as a compelling market opportunity. We believe Exotec is well-positioned to take advantage of this opportunity due to their unique approach to engineering, innovation, and a proven track record of success helping the world’s largest brands.”



Here’s how Exotec’s growth looks across different regions:


Western Europe


Exotec expanded its presence in Western Europe with new customer wins and expansions into new countries. Partnerships with CEVA Logistics and Lyreco have further solidified its position in the region. In the UK, Exotec established a significant partnership with Alliance Automotive Group (AAG), enhancing its presence in the automotive aftermarket industry.


Central Europe


Exotec is gaining momentum in Central Europe, with partnerships such as the one with Polish Integrator A1 Sorter. This collaboration has led to a joint project with ILS, a logistics service provider for the automotive industry, to outfit an ILS fulfilment center in Zakroczym, Poland, with Exotec’s signature Skypod® system.


North America


Since entering the North American market in 2020, Exotec has established its North American headquarters in Atlanta and expanded its team to over 70 people. It currently serves over 20 customer sites across the U.S. and Canada for leading brands, including Gap Inc., Ariat, and Decathlon. The North American market is expected to represent one-third of Exotec’s global business by 2025.




Exotec has been focusing on the rapidly growing Asia market. In August 2023, the company announced its entry into the Korean region through a partnership with POSCO DX Co. Ltd., a significant engineering and IT service provider. South Korea joins Japan as one of the strategic Asian markets for Exotec. In Japan, Exotec continued its growth with new partnerships with integrated logistics provider Alps Logistics and fulfillment service provider acca international.


L-A-C delivered a pallet conveyor-based production solution consisting of two mechanised lines that effectively addressed Flexeserve’s challenges. The customised solution featured a range of handling components, including a pallet loading ramp, height- adjustable workstations, buffer stations, and an unload station. These elements ensured the smooth and independent progression of products through the production line.



Streamlining Operations And Enhancing Efficiency 

The height-adjustable workstations allowed operators to easily adjust the height using automated controls, reducing strain and fatigue. A work complete button was implemented to signal task completion, enabling seamless co-ordination between the operators. Buffer stations minimised operator wait times, while the unload station facilitated manual offloading after final assembly.


With safety measures in place, the CE certified system also accommodated different pallet types. Each line, integrated with a scissor lift, achieved a throughput of 60 pallets per 8-hour shift, surpassing manual operations. Overall, the project successfully improved productivity and efficiency in the assembly line, fulfilling the desired objectives.


Today, the streamlined production lines, height- adjustable workstations, and buffer stations have improved efficiency, reduced cycle times, and minimised operator fatigue.


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